Making Hashtags While Studying the Bible

I recently stumbled across something that I realized would make a great assignment for a middle or high school student.  Then, I realized that it would make a great ongoing assignment for my Community Bible Study class this year.

I’m studying First and Second Corinthians as a prelude to teaching through it to middle and high school kids at CBS this year.  I’ll be trying to blog some through it as I go, both my studies and some of the activities that we do.

At any rate, I spent some time this week reading through both I & II Corinthians.  As I went through, I would create a one sentence summary of the chapter.  For example, my sentence for I Corinthians 1 was:

With the gifts you have in Christ, there should be no divisions or following of worldly wisdom.

Once you develop a one sentence summary, then it’s simple to reduce that to a one word or phrase as a hashtag.  Mine for this chapter was:


Here’s a picture of what my finished list for I Corinthians looked like:


Making this into an assignment for my Bible study class will be simple. Each week, my class will be studying approximately one chapter from I & II Corinthians, and answering questions in their study guides based on that chapter.

I’m also going to have them think of a one sentence summary of the chapter and reduce that down to a hashtag for that chapter.  We can share our hashtags in class and see that we feel is the theme of the chapter after we’ve studied it together.

This, of course, as an assignment is not only good for Bible study, but it’s also good for working through the concepts of main idea and theme with your child in literature, articles and other sources of reading.


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