My Favorite Things This Week

This week is a beach edition of my favorite things because we spent most of our week at the beach. 🙂  It was pleasant to get away for a few days, and it was very relaxing.  Although I’ve shared vacation photos liberally on Instagram, I wanted to pick out a handful to share on here as well as my weekly wrap-up.

When I say that we went to the beach, I have to include the fact that we ate our way through the beach as part of it.  We spent all our evenings tracking down favorite restaurants to spend time at.  This picture happens to be of Ellie, and it’s one of my favorite vacation pictures because I love the way she’s rocking the sunglasses.  She even had a lady in a gas station call her “Miss Hollywood” this week.  Totally cute!


Bennett got a new swimming accessory this week with flippers.  He’s really super fast with them, and spent most of his pool time just like this with a snorkel and flippers.


Bennett and Hubby also had some special Father & Son time this week creating sand sculptures at the beach. This is their turtle.  Right after they made it, we all got in the ocean, and the next thing I know a Dad and little boy are coming up to me apologizing for the little boy destroying the turtle.  I’m glad we got a picture before that happened 🙂


We celebrated 15 years of marriage while we were at the beach.  Well, we didn’t actually celebrate because we didn’t really spend any time that wasn’t family time at the beach, but still I’m happy that we saw the 15 year milestone while we were there. (We’ll still need to have a special date night soon 🙂 )

Hubby and Me

Here’s a picture of my whole family at dinner one night. It’s not only the six of us, but also my parents and my sister and her husband. We all had a great time together.Our Family

So, that about does it for my favorite of my beach photos from this week. This was one excellent week of summer vacation!!


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