My Favorite Things This Week

We’re still in summer fun mode. We’ve been to the movies to see one of the cheap kids movies this week.  It happened to be “Epic,” and I had forgotten more of that movie than I remembered, so it was pretty fun to go.  We also went to Hobby Lobby and picked up some crafting stuff that was on clearance.  We went to the dollar store and got coloring books.  We also completed a major reorganization project in our living room.  We moved the bookcases I’ve had in there into my dining room/school room, and we moved a recliner into the living room.  The children were so helpful, and I’m so happy to have the bookcases out of my living room.

Here are some of my favorite things that I captured photographs of this week. We had our first swim this summer this past weekend. My in-laws have a pool and we tend to go swimming over the weekend.  My mother-in-law gave each the kids new goggles new goggles to wear into the pool, and Connor wore his in and out of the pool for two days!

You can also see in the picture that he’s carrying groceries from her house.  She bought him a huge bag of tortilla chips and a large container of cheese dip from Sam’s Club because it’s one of his favorite foods.  🙂


Connor and Ellie both got new Tae Kwon Do stripes this week.  It’s been about 12 weeks since either of them got a new stripe, so that was pretty exciting for them!  Bennett got the first stripe on his new belt this week, but it’s not nearly as rare for him as the stripes for the little kids.

New Stripes

In the Build Your Bundle sale, I got Picture Smart Bible New Testament (K-3).  While we didn’t have AWANAs or CBS this summer, I decided to get started using it with all the children.  (It’s a little young for Bennett, but it’s just a supplement for what he’s doing with his worldview curriculum.)  We’re just taking it one little section at a time, so after almost two weeks, we’re done with our first page.  Ellie in particular was very proud of her page.

picture smart Bible

We also took some time this week to work on Reading Eggs and Mathseeds.  Both Ellie and Emalee finished maps in Mathseeds, and they were proud of that.  I took this picture of Ellie playing on it with her Sopia headphones on.  I thought she was just so cute!!

Princess on the computer

I’ve spent much of my spare time working in my Bible journal and praise binder.  Here’s a little page I finished this week that went into my looseleaf Bible.

bible journaling

I know that this week looks like it was brought to you just by the little kids!  They were just more photogenic this week!  We’ve had three weeks of summer break now, and we have four weeks to go.  What about you guys? How much break are you taking for summer?


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