My Favorite Things This Week

This week was a week dedicated to the children relaxing at home, me working on some organizational projects that I’ve had in mind for a while and Vacation Bible School.  We’ve had some relaxing days with a little too much media consumption 🙂

For example, we bought Kung Fu Panda 3 over Memorial Day weekend, and at least three days last week Connor drew drawings of Po in his thankful book to show how thankful he was that we bought it and how much he loves it.

Kung Fu Panda

With my philosophy of keeping 1-2 subjects going, even in the summer, I have Bennett doing math and Bible and the other children working on reading and Bible all summer.  I thought this was the perfect picture of what it’s like to be homeschooled when I saw Bennett and Emalee together on the couch this week.  He was working on his math program, and she was practicing her guitar, trying to get her new chord down, so of course, Bennett had to wear headphones to hear math and tune his sister out!

homeschooling is

I’ve spent some time crafting this week.  Towards the beginning of the week, I made a flip book for a crafty mail exchange I’m participating in this month. It is my plan to  actually take pictures of all the pages before I send it out and make a little walk-through type blog post.  This looked like such a fun project to Emalee that she wanted to make her own “happy mail” for a friend, so if she completes that project, I’ll be posting about it as well.

Flip Book

My pastor had just got back from Kenya this Sunday, and when he was preaching, he was discussing missions and our fruit in sharing the gospel to people and in giving to missions.  So, I couldn’t resist drawing a little about it in my Bible.

Abundant Fruit

I’ve also been starting to study I Corinthians in preparation for teaching through it (and 2 Corinthians too) to middle school and high school this school year, and I was brought up short by the phrase in I Corinthians 2:5 where it says, “That your faith should not rest in the wisdom of men. . .” As someone who teaches children, it’s often been stressed to me to bring children in the door with “fun.” If it’s a “fun” place, they’ll want to be there. Then, I wonder why the children want to play games, but then they aren’t interested in what I have to say and don’t remember it for long after the lesson.

Anyway, it’s just something that I’m pondering right now.  I saw this verse illuminated with a disco ball and lots of lights (They have a disco ball in the high school/children’s church room at our church.), but I don’t think I captured that essence of flash in this entry in my binder.  Emalee also scoffed at my drawing and how it doesn’t mirror a true disco ball’s circles of light cast off, so this wasn’t the most successful drawing.  Yet, it’s something that I’m pondering, and so it’s successful to me.

mirror ball

So, anyway, that’s about all for us this week.  Hope your week is a good one!!


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