My Favorite Things This Week

This week had a very long weekend.  My husband did a little work from home on Friday morning, but other than that, we were on Memorial Day weekend mode from Friday all the way through Monday.  It was very nice and relaxing, and as always, I was sad when it was over.  We managed to have some fun this week and over our Memorial Day weekend 🙂

Bennett received his green belt on Friday night, and I was so delighted for him.  As I mentioned last week, he’s working hard and loving Tae Kwon Do right now.

Receiving Green Belt

On Memorial Day, we took the children to the movies, and saw the Angry Birds movie.  It wasn’t really my thing, but the children loved it, and I was glad that we took them and had fun.

angry birds

We also finished a hardy game of Lord of the Rings Risk over memorial day weekend.  I won, so I enjoyed it more than everyone else 😉

Lord of the Rings RISK

Emalee’s reached the end of third grade, and so this week we’ve been standardized testing using the paper version of the CAT test that Christian Liberty Press publishes.  I worried that there would be a lot of tears and moaning, but there hasn’t been.  There have only been a few tears, although when she’s come up against something (like division) that she’s not very good at, I have seen her just mark answers randomly. I can only sigh.

standardized testing

We had one day that we spent totally out of the house.  We went to Target, had lunch at Chick-fil-a, had the boys’ hair cut and took the little kids to Tae Kwon Do.  I let each of the children pick something out of the dollar spot (even though not everything is a dollar anymore), and I loved that when Ellie got home that night the first thing she wanted to do was to use the paint set that she got.

BTW, who picks out the paint colors that go in those kits?  I got some of our paint out for her to because there was no yellow or white for Elsa’s hair or the snowflakes or anything that would pass for Elsa’s skin color (no matter what skin color we would have wanted her to have).  Ellie was going to paint Elsa’s skin green just because that’s the closest to a skin color she had before I opened my paints up to her.


We finished reading about Corrie ten Boom and watched The Hiding Place this week too.  I’ve written a post that’s coming out on Monday about what we did to study ten Boom and how we kept it simple.  So come check that out next week 🙂


One thought on “My Favorite Things This Week

  1. Haha! I’ve wondered that about the paint sets before too. Seems like each set should match the book they come with or offer a good variety of colors that can be mixed.

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