Come With Me {A Bethany House Bloggers Review}


Sometimes I hunger for deeper faith and I feel like it’s never deep enough and like I can never do enough.  It’s kind of my crazy cycle.  I know that I am saved by grace, and yet, I find myself wanting to work my way to prove that I’m “good enough.”  That’s when I’m drawn to books like Suzanne Eller’s Come With Me: Discovering the Beauty of Following Where He Leads.

Eller admits in her book that she wrote the book in a time when she was also longing and struggling with the desire/need for a deeper faith and feeling like she wasn’t enough.  She was drawn to Luke and to the stories of the disciples.  They came alive for her like never before and she found herself realizing that these stories can seem kind of humdrum to us, and we can be insulting of the disciples and of the way that Jesus calls them out for their lack of faith.  We always say we would have more faith than those disciples.  However, we know the end of the story and they didn’t.

Then, Eller reminds us that we’re really the thirteenth disciple.  In each of the twelve chapters of the book, Eller uses a disciple as a model for her topic, and she examines many topics related to loving others, storms in our lives, having gratitude, feeling unnoticed by God, prayer, comparison and so many other things.  There’s a multitude of subjects covered and all are paired with Biblical wisdom and with stories from Eller’s life.

I found myself not enjoying the book as much as I thought I would.  I loved the charming segments from Eller’s life and the applications that she found for them.  There are many good incidents and there are many great illustrations of God’s love and of our ability to follow him.  I found some very useful, and I loved the feeling of authenticity from the author and the vulnerability that she had in sharing both her successes and failures.  I also could relate to her feeling of following what God had told her and yet still feeling like she should be doing and being more than what God had called her to be.

However, there are many books similar in premise and execution to this one, and I don’t think that this one is a standout, must read in comparison to some of the others that I have read in this genre.  Read it for the stories, for the Biblical application.  You may find something that is helpful with your faith.  I certainly did.  However, you may not find much new here and you may not find it more than just another book in the”genre” of “following God’s call” whatever it might be.

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.


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