My Favorite Things this Week

This week was our last regular week of school, and Emalee went around singing about how happy she was that it was summer break.  She says that all she wants to do this summer is to sit around the house and watch television and play video games.  I’m sure we’ll find more than that to do this summer though.

For one thing, the children are involved in year round activities between Emalee’s guitar and the other children’s Tae Kwon Do. In fact, Bennett tested for a green belt this week.  He’s been really working hard, and he is learning a ton right now. It’s good to see him excited about his accomplishments.

Bennett's belt test

The children conned me into going to McDonald’s for happy meals this week, and they were all excited because Angry Birds are in the happy meals.  Ellie found this little Angry Birds mask on her happy meal box, so she became Red for a little while. (We’re going to the movie this weekend at their request to celebrate the end of our school year.)

angry birds

We’ll be continuing with our personal Bible times all summer, and I’m really enjoying seeing Bennett work through the lessons in Who is God? worldview textbook as part of that.  He’s working through the lesson “How can I know what is true?” and learning through a series of simple optical illusions that we can’t always trust what we see with our five senses.

optical illusion

The little two finally came back to their WriteShop curriculum and finished unit one this week.  They published their favorite animal stories into their story kites.  We’re going to be putting it aside for a few weeks now, but I think it’s the addition I was looking for in the little kids’ school days.

story kites

We also spent some time with our knights lapbook this week.  I’ve already blogged a little about it here, but I’m a little disappointed we didn’t finish this before the end of our school year.  So, we’ll be starting our school year this fall by learning more about knights and reading books about knights. The children like the idea of doing that though, so I’m learning to be okay with it.

I am hopeful to be able to find a couple of knight costumes for the boys during the summer because Connor wants one really badly.  I think it’s so he can practice for being “Sir Connor” in the future.

Inside of Pop Up

That’s about it for our week.  My weekly wrap-ups will probably be mostly summer fun (and apologetics or Bible related) until we start back to regular school in mid-July.  Hoping all my American friends have a great Memorial Day weekend!!


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