Becoming A Knight

We’ve been slowly working through a Homeschool in the Woods Lap-Pack on Knights over the past few weeks.  It’s been slow progress because some of our current read-alouds have taken a lot of our time, and I agreed to prioritize them over our history and science.

This week, we did work a little on our knights lap-pack though.  We learned about becoming a knight and the stages involved in becoming a knight.  The lap-pack itself contained the basic text that we used for learning.  However we also read the Young Reader book, Knights, which I think provides a great little summary about the stages in knighthood that even my younger two can keep up with well.

After reading the book, Connor began discussing how one day he’s going to be a knight, and we can call him Sir Connor!  He hopes he doesn’t have to be a page or a squire first though!!

We also watched two movies as we were studying this week.  The first was Medieval Lives: Episode 5: The Knight.  It’s a really fun and well done documentary, but it is perhaps not as kid-friendly as many others that you might find.

We also watched the movie Knight Rusty.  It was purely for fun, and we thought it was completely adorable.

As part of our lap-pack we made a pop-up lapbook piece called becoming a knight.  This is the outside of the pop-up.  The little brown door is a drawbridge closed with velcro. 🙂  This one is the outside of Emalee’s piece.

Outside of Pop Up

On the inside, we have pop-ups of the three stages in becoming a knight.  This one is the inside of Ellie’s piece.

Inside of Pop Up

I think it turned out so cute 🙂  Better still, all the kids remember what the stages are in becoming a knight.


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