Heroes, Heroines, and Tales of Ancient History {A Curriculum Review}


Over the past two years, I had been very happy with my choices for history with Bennett and Emalee, and we had developed a routine for how we did history.  This year, things have truly been changed up on me.  I am beginning to do history with Connor and Ellie too, our old history routine didn’t work anymore.  I wanted a history program that all four children could do together.

As I was looking for a new history program, I received an opportunity to do a review for the new Heroes, Heroines and Tales of Ancient History for Golden Prairies Press.  Because I remembered how much I had enjoyed reviewing an American history program from them during my time with the Schoolhouse Review Crew, I found myself excitedly agreeing to do a review.  Once I began flipping through it and reading sections from the book, I knew that I had found the perfect history program to combine everyone in our house (from pre-K to 6th grade) into one history program.

Heroes, Heroines, and Tales of Ancient History begins at the beginning of history.  The book is unapologetically Christian, just like we’ve come to expect and love from author Amy Puetz.  So, of course the first week of the curriculum focuses on creation, the fall, and history between Adam and the flood.  Taken together, the 30 weeks of curriculum span all the way from creation to the fall of the Roman Empire.

Each week is split into five days worth of lessons, and each lesson takes approximately 30-45 days to complete.  In my example above of week one, the days of lessons are actually broken into:

  1. Creation of the World
  2. The Fall
  3. Creation Legends Part 1
  4. Creation Legends Part 2
  5. From Adam to the Flood

Each day’s lesson has a reading assignment.  On days where history information is reported, there are two levels of reading assignments.  A short assignment for first and second graders is coupled with a longer lesson reading for older children.

Other days are story days, and the stories of the heroes or heroines are meant to be read to all ages from 1st through 6th.  I love those story days because we cuddle on our sectional together and all read together!  I also love that these story days connect my children to history and help them to remember it as they remember the stories of the heroes and heroines.

Each day’s reading is usually followed by questions.  These test knowledge and comprehension of the passages read.  However, occasionally, there are also questions that are great jumping off points for further research.

In addition, there’s usually a more hands-on assignment.  For example, on the first lesson, there is an assignment to make animals from play dough.  The second day has students matching up pictures with days of creation and writing a short story imagining that they lived during the time of Adam and Eve.  Other days, you might examine a piece of historical art, listen to some music or a speech, act out a skit, play a game, make a craft or cook a recipe.  There are a large variety of assignments, so what you do each day is varied.  It’s nice to have that kind of variety because some of my children learn well in a hands-on manner, and others could just prefer to write a story.

Everything is excellently done and I feel like I can trust that my children are learning real history and being interested in the stories of the people and the activities that they do as we go through the lessons.  This is definitely going to be the curriculum that we use as we pick back up in the fall homeschooling.  I plan to share some highlights of it in my weekly wrap-ups, so make sure you check back this fall for some updates on what we’re doing. I expect to get going full steam on this curriculum sometime in September.  I’m excited about the possibility of using it to engage all four of my children!

I received the digital package of curriculum (which I love), but Golden Prairies press also sells a physical package of curriculum as well.  If you check out my graphic at the top, you can find a code for free shipping on a physical set of books this week!

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of this product in exchange for an honest review. 


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