NJKV Teen Study Bible


I’m always on the search out for a good new Bible, so I was delighted to get a chance to review the NKJV Teen Study Bible this month.  It’s designed to be a usable Bible for everyone, with special advice and meanings for teens.  Here are a few of the features:

  • We Believe–This unpacks the Apostles’ Creed to reveal where and how in the Bible this is based.  This is probably my favorite thing about this Bible.  There’s a four page spread in the front that discusses what the Apostles Creed is, and it also has a copy of it with the Biblical references (phrase by phrase) marked in it.  When you turn to the corresponding Bible page,  there is a short article and more Biblical references to explore.  This would make an excellent little Bible study!
  • Panorama–A big picture view look at each book of the Bible.  Imagine this as a sum-up of the theme of an individual book of the Bible in just a sentence or two.
  • Key Indexes–There are indexes in the back that are arranged topically where you can look up the article in the Bible related to the topic that you are looking for devotional advice on.
  • To The Point–Reveals what the Bible says about pressing issues.  Some of these include: “God Keeps his Promises,” “Our Cross is Different,” and “There is a Hell.”
  • Dear Jordan–This is a Q&A type sidebar where different topics of practical application to teens are addressed.  For example, the first one I turned to dealt with why we shouldn’t smoke pot.  Another one I read looked at abortion.  I felt that these columns were well done and relevant for questions that teens have about the Bible.
  • Instant Access–These are personal and devotional applications from Bible passages.  These are short, well-done, and gives your teen a chance to apply what the Bible says to themselves and to reflect upon it.
  • Q&A–These test your knowledge on Bible trivia.  The question is on one page and answer is on the next page.  My son will really enjoy this feature of this Bible when he has a chance to page through it.
  • Bible Promises–Highlights Bible verses worth remembering.  These are just the verses written in a decorative circle.  It’s a nice visual feature to highlight verses, but I would have like to have seen these actually discussed in sidebar or article format.
  • Book Introductions–There’s an overview for each book of the Bible. These are brief, just a couple of paragraphs and a short outline of each book.

I feel like this is a really nice Bible, and if you have a teenager that you are looking for Bible for, this should make your shortlist.  It has good, solid advice without being overly intrusive or talking down to teens.  I think it’s a fun Bible, but serious too.  Perfect for teens, and not a bad choice for young adults.  I would definitely recommend it for both the teens that I teach Bible to, and will be keeping it on my shelf for my children as well.

Disclaimer:  I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.


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