My Favorite Things This Week

Motivation sunk to an all-time low for homeschooling this week.  I had a dental appointment and  got new tires for my car on Monday, we had AWANA awards on Wednesday, and the children know that all their friends are starting summer break this week.

Couple that with not having any real break (other than Christmas break) in their homeschooling over the past two years due to our product review schedule, and I have some very anxious and overexcited children who know they’re going to get a few weeks mostly off.

So, anyway, we’re limping towards the finish of our homeschool year.  I’m trying desperately not to start any new projects, products or studies, and we’re still plugging along at some of the work we’ve been doing.  At any rate, here are some of my favorite things from this week.

Connor has been watching Veggie Tales in the House over the past couple of months, and he’s really enjoyed an episode where Larry Boy eats sardines, and it gives him horribly stinky bad breath.  So, of course, Connor has to try his own sardines and see if they taste good and if he gets bad breath too.  Here is is trying them.


Surprisingly he likes them fairly well. 🙂

My hubby and I are serving in our church’s children’s church this month, and he’s teaching a curriculum package he really likes called Faith Studios.  This week’s lesson focused on Moses’s parents and their faith.  As part of the lesson the children made bulrushes, so of course, the first thing Ellie does with hers is to put it on her head as a hat.  She looked so cute that I just had to take a picture!


On Monday, I went to the dentist for a follow-up cleaning and periodontal mapping after some fillings and root planing.  I’ve been dealing with some gum issues, and just a major dental nightmare, so the dentist is an every three month thing with lots of attention at home right now.

At any rate, my mom kept all four of my children on Monday afternoon so that I could get the dental stuff done and get new tires for my car.  Good news was my gums are starting to look better! Yay!  I also no longer have to pump up my tire every other day and my wheel doesn’t vibrate when I drive on the interstate any more.  So, Monday was a good personal day for me.

I loved this picture of both my youngest and my oldest enjoying the outdoors at my Mom’s house by playing on their tablets.  They’re so much alike.


I’m also really enjoying Bennett’s new worldview curriculum. He’s using the first of Apologia’s books, Who is God? along with the note booking journal.  I just have to tell you guys that I’ve decided to use this as our middle school worldview/Bible curriculum for all the kids as they grow.  I think it’s a solid foundation for us after reading the four books and looking through it.

This week we talked about optical illusions and the importance of seeing clearly when we’re talking about the truth and how we live our lives.  It’s a powerful analogy for anyone.

optical illusions

I’ve also been experimenting with WriteShop A for the little two this week.  I planned on using it for Connor last year for writing curriculum, and I never ended up working it in, but this year would be the perfect year for both of the little kids to use it.

Once we finish with unit one (on animals), it is my intention to shelve the curriculum for the summer and bring it back for both the little kids to work on in the fall.

I really like this picture of Ellie with her panda (her favorite animal) drawing.  It’s perhaps the hardest that she’s ever worked on a drawing, and I’m pleased not only with the result, but with the hard work she put in.  Next week, we’ll be working on editing and publishing this project, and then we’ll put aside WriteShop for about 6 weeks.  They’ll be doing it as the bigger two work through Student Writing Intensive.


That about does it for all my favorite things for this week.  How was your week? Are you schooling year round or heading toward a summer break?


6 thoughts on “My Favorite Things This Week

  1. Limping along or not it still sounds like a very productive week! I love the picture of the kids on the porch together. The optical illusions and seeing clearly is a truly powerful analogy. #weeklywrapup

  2. We love the Apologia books too. I think there is a whole lot more to them than first meets the eye.
    Oh and for a limp week, you sure did accomplish a lot!

    1. I think so. I’m trying to switch to resources this year that all four of mine can use together and that I can beef up if I need to for Bennett 🙂

  3. We’re trying not to start anything new either and wrap up what we’re doing… but I did check 10 or so books out on birds last week so I may have failed at the whole “let’s not start anything new right now”…. luckily my kids don’t mind and we take days off as we need to during the summer for plenty of fun times.

    1. Sometimes my children are the ones that won’t let me stop whatever we’re doing! LOL They keep a pretty good to-do list for me, even during the summer, but I’m just ready to zone out!

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