My Favorite Things This Week

I haven’t written one of these posts in a couple of weeks, but I was feeling well rested and inspired to share, so here it goes.

This week was Mother’s Day, and it was wonderful that the children are old enough to care about doing special things for me, their Nana and Grammi and the other special mothers in their lives.  I loved seeing the care and love that they put into preparing for the holiday today.

I also found this older picture of my parents with the children from about a year ago, and I fell in love with it, and just had to share it again on Facebook, so I’m going to share it here as well.

Easter 2015

Emalee had her Spring voice recital.  She sang two songs, “Amazing Grace” and “Who’ll Buy My Lavender.”  She was so nervous because it was her first recital like that, but it ended up being such a good experience for her, and I’m delighted that she had the opportunity to perform in it.


We’re also trying to wind down our homeschool year because we all desperately need a summer break.  Two years of being on the Review Crew meant two years without summer breaks, and I have several major home organization projects that I want to take a break from school to get done.  Ten more days of school before we’re done with that.

This week, I got a bit of laughter from Emalee as I caught her trying to memorize all the words in her Spelling You See book before it was time to take her timed dictation for the week.  I’m sorry the picture’s so blurry.  I was sneaking taking a picture and ruined the moment when I started snapping it 🙂


I also got a picture of Connor with a math certificate this week.  Our TOS membership of CTC Math ran out, and I love it so much that I immediately began paying for a subscription.  I’m so delighted that I finally found a math that’s working for us.

Connor’s my math wiz, and he’s already through the first grade concept of division.  In the year that we’ve had the program, he’s mastered all the kindergarten concepts and the first grade whole numbers, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.  I am pleased with his progress.


This week I was having a hard time coming up with lunches for the house because I have three kids that are fine with peanut butter and jelly or nutella sandwiches every day of the week, and one child who hates sandwiches (There’s always one, isn’t there?) We had tacos one night this week, and I realized it would be so quick and easy to use the leftovers to make her a nacho plate for lunch.  I surely won mothering points for that one!  (And I wished I’d made my own plate as well, since her plate looked so good.


I guess that’s about it for this week.  I was delighted to sit down and make my curriculum choices for next year this week.  I only need to do a little ordering, and I’ll have everything set for when we re-start at the end of July.


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