2016-2017 Curriculum Choice

I haven’t written about homeschooling much recently.  It’s not the “new” thing for us anymore.  It’s just what we do, and it’s a part of daily life.  For several years I was obsessed with our homeschool, researching, writing, making sure we were getting everything in.  Now, I feel like we’ve finally come to a place where it’s a lifestyle, and it doesn’t take so much of my time.  I’m able to concentrate on other things without worry.

You might also have noticed that I’ve about stopped blogging about anything other than some book reviews here and there.  Those may or may not stop over the next few months.  I’m trying to decide whether to continue blogging or to just let it go because I don’t enjoy blogging anymore.

However, I do want to write a little post with our curriculum choices for next year.  It’s a reminder to myself for my personal record keeping more than anything, but if it helps someone else, then great.  That’s why I’m sharing.  🙂  Here it goes:

This school year I am going to have children in Kindergarten, first, fourth and sixth grades.  The transition to middle school in our house will continue to be a gentle and relaxed form of homeschooling.

I’m going to give everyone’s independent/individual work and then move on to our combined work.

Ellie (Kindergarten)

Ellie will be a kindergartener this year (No more babies in our house 🙂 )  She sees herself in competition with her brother, so the resources I’m going to use with the two of them will seem very similar.

ENGLISH:  Reading Eggs, First Start Reading (she’s currently 2/3 of the way through book A) and read-alouds of various picture books and chapter  books with oral narration.

MATH: Mathseeds (Maybe adding in CTC Math later on in the school year)

BIBLE:  AWANA Sparks and CBS Preschool programs (also drawing and reading aloud through family Bible time)

Connor (First Grade)

Connor is a first grader, and he’ll be finishing up some of the work he didn’t finish in kindergarten and adding in some additional first grade level work.

ENGLISH:  Reading Eggs, First Start Reading (He’s currently halfway through the kindergarten level, and he will continue with the first grade Memoria Press reading/phonics as he finishes the First Start Reading)

He will also be hearing read-alouds, both good ones and just fun ones.  Right now, we’re reading through selections from the Book of Virtues together and through the Magic Tree House Books.  Once we are finished with the Magic Tree House, I intend to work through the Circle C Beginnings series with the wonderful study guides that Susan K. Marlow provides.

MATH:  Connor will continue working with CTC Math.  He’s approximately 1/4 of the way through the first grade program, so we’re happy with the way things are going there.

BIBLE:  AWANA Sparks and CBS Preschool Programs (also drawing and coloring through family Bible time)

Emalee (4th Grade)

Emalee is my most reluctant learner in the house, and that sometimes shows with her schoolwork.  Here’s a peek at what she’s bee working on this year.

ENGLISH:  She will finish Spelling You See B (She’s 2/3 way through), and she will continue with both Reading Kingdom, Reading Eggspress and some random activities on Reading Eggs.  When she has finished Spelling You See, she will start Logic of English.  I also anticipate her finishing Reading Kingdom before Christmas, and beginning IEW’s Student Writing Intensive Level A.

She’ll also listen to and narrate various read-alouds, with an occasional narration as part of that.  These will be interest-based, and she will practice reading aloud each day as well.

MATH: CTC Math (She’s currently working through 2nd grade there.)

BIBLE:  AWANA TNT and I &II Corinthians through CBS, as well as family Bible read-aloud each evening

Bennett (6th Grade)

Bennett is a good student, but he is not interested in a high level of stress because it stresses him out too badly, so we’ll be keeping it light and adding in a more middle-school appropriate level of coursework in a gentle way. (Listing it out, it doesn’t sound too gentle, but our approach truly is)

ENGLISH: Bennett will continue through Logic of English.  He’s currently 1/4 through the book, and working through it at a slow and steady pace. He’ll also be working through Student Writing Intensive A at a slow and steady pace and WordBuild for continued vocabulary development.

He will also listen to read-alouds and narrate and complete an occasional literature unit on books of my choosing, using Progeny Press guides, Memoria Press guides, lapbooks, etc.  Some of this will be interest based.

MATH: CTC Math with the goal of finishing all elementary level math concepts this year to ready himself for pre-algebra.

BIBLE:  I & II Corinthians through CBS and Apologia’s Who Is God?  He’ll also participate in family read-aloud time through the Bible.

FOREIGN LANGUAGE: He’s almost finished with his Fun Spanish course, and it is my intention for him to go back to Latin with Latina Christiana.  I truly believe that he’ll be more firmly planted in both English and the basic knowledge needed to acquire a foreign language through Latin.

Together Subjects

We do all history and science together as a family in a more unit study fashion.  Having said that, I do have a history and a science curriculum picked out for use for the children that I would like to use with them this year as a basis for exploration and work together.

HISTORY:  Heroes, Heroines and Tales of Ancient History.  This is a 1st-6th grade history curriculum that has suggestions I can use with all four children, and I’ve decided that it will make a great framework for history this year, so it’s what we’ll be using.  We may add in things or we may keep it simple.  That remains to be seen.

We will also be using the Heirloom Audio Productions audio adventures for breaks from that curriculum into unit studies of our own choosing.  We enjoy them so much!

SCIENCE: I’m going to be using Apologia Astronomy for the children.  I have the first edition book, so that’s what we’ll be using, even with the new edition coming out.  I tried to start this book a couple of years ago, and it was too much for both Bennett and Emalee, but I think it will be a fun study for all four this year 🙂

So that about does it for our plans for the year.  What are your plans?  What grades are your children?


5 thoughts on “2016-2017 Curriculum Choice

  1. I can totally relate on the blogging not being as fun anymore. I’m not sure what direction I want to take with that myself. Lots of e-school. My girls have drifted away from CTC more than I would prefer. I have been able to get one of them to keep on with IXL as an app on the Kindle Fire. The other girl is having issues as she will act like she is going to do IXL but then I catch her reading instead. I’m at a loss on whether or not I should be mad, LOL.

    1. I’ve discovered that Reading Eggs and CTC Math are the best money I’ve spent this year! LOL I do find that as the older two are getting older, I’m pushing away from online learning to more traditional book learning for them though (except for math). . . I would be at a loss too 🙂

      1. We haven’t tried Reading Eggs or Math Seeds, but I wouldn’t be opposed if that came up for review if you know what I mean! Right now we have our hands dipped in ESA, Talking Fingers, IXL($), and discovered that CTC has expired. Then throw in MUS, Science Shepherd, VPSA and there is too much computer time! It overwhelms me, but at the same time as I’m preparing this year to really teach two totally different kiddos that overwhelms me!

  2. I have 3 kids who will be in 1st, 3rd and 7th next year. The younger 2 have the same core of Galloping the Globe which covers everything but math. Individually my 1st grader will do Math Mammoth Grade 1, A Reason for Handwriting A, and is working through The Ordinary Parents Guide to Teaching Reading(she might start Spelling Workout A the 2nd half of the year) My 3rd grader will do Math Mammoth Grade 3, A Reason for Handwriting Transition, and Spelling Workout Level B/C(He’s about 2/3rds of the way through B). My 7th grader will be doing Math U See Zeta, Discovering Nature: Let the Rocks Cry Out, The Creative Writer Level 3, and US History part 1 and Spanish 1 through Co-op. Co-op is also where all 3 kids take art and gym.

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