Hunting Hope {A LitFuse Publicity Group Review}


We all go through dark times.  Sometimes it’s a major tragedy.  Other times it’s the million little grinds of daily life weighing us down.  We all need to find a place here we can find hope.  That’s why I was pleased to received the opportunity to review Nika Maples’ book Hunting Hope: Dig Through the Darkness to Find the Light.

In this book, Maples takes real-life experiences and adds Biblical wisdom to create a  wealth of practical advice for things to do when you are in a spiritual winter.  The book is split into two halves.  First, Maples concentrates fifteen chapters exploring God’s character in the storms of your life.  These contain ideas such as he is with you, he will not forget you and he is enough for you.  The second section of the book explains what our character should be in the storms of life.  For example, we can give grace and keep going.

I related to many of the feelings and scriptures in this book, and I truly enjoyed the opportunity to read it.  One of the surprises in this book was a place where Maples mentions mourning.  She discusses the depression that she had felt and the mourning that she had had in her life over not having any children.  As my sister has struggled with infertility this really touched me.  In fact, I found myself crying, realizing I had never allowed myself to mourn the dream and longing of my sister that has went unfulfilled.  Then, I thought of other dreams in my life that I hadn’t mourned so that I could embrace God’s promise and will for my life.  I spent some time mourning as I read this book.

Maples, however, didn’t leave me in a place of mourning.  Instead, throughout the book, with the experiences of her life, she showed me the hope that God has always fulfilled in his faithfulness. My favorite real-life experience of hunting hope from the book is the tale of Maples mother carrying around useless circus tickets in her billfold for a year in hopes of one day being able to use them when the theater came back to town.  That is the kind of persistent hopefulness in God and in other people that we all should have.

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.


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