Treating Myself

Lately, I’ve really stepped back and focused on self-care.  I’ve realized that I need to nourish my soul and my body instead of just reading about it.

That’s why I started Bible journaling.  I needed something that fed my soul, but also fed my craving for beauty and order.

That’s why I’ve started slowly and gingerly counting my calories.  I’m not doing great with that one, but I’m making a start in the right direction.

Before, when I would meet a goal that seemed hard, I would often just give up because I didn’t want to do a halfway job.  I see that a lot in my daughters.  They are both perfectionistic in so many different ways.  Encouraging them to know that it’s okay to make mistakes and that there are no perfect people takes a lot of time!

Another thing I’ve treated myself to is an aid in prayer.  I wrote a little description of the Pocket Prayer line of books at the beginning of the month,   I told you, or told myself, that I would be back to share who I was gifting the books to or how I was using them, but I haven’t, and since I’m treating myself to the allowance of not having to be perfect, I’ve been okay with that.

Lately, I’ve begun using the book Pocket Prayers for Moms as a gift to myself when I don’t know what to pray for with my marriage and my children.  There are forty prayers in the book, and they’re organized into different categories such as, prayers for time and peace, prayers for protection and surrender, prayers for guidance and clarity, prayers for love and marriage, prayers for healing and safety, and prayers for grace and strength.

Pocket Prayers

In the mornings, when I don’t know what to pray over my home and my family, I can pull out this book and find a category that appeals to me (such as grace and strength) and turn to the scripture that fits my mood or my need.  Today, I turned to prayer number 37, which is based in Romans 3:23-24.  In addition to the verses, the script in the book reminds me that God’s love is never failing and his grace is a gift.  It reminds me to confess my sins as a mother and to look to God for my completion.  I was also reminded to pray for my husband, for us to extend grace towards each other and to put God at the center of our team.  Finally, I was reminded to thank God for grace itself and for the way I see it play out in my day-to-day life.  As I prayed through the scripted prayer, my personal experiences colored my prayer with more detail and life and it became my focus for today.

As a Bible journaler, if I had had the time today, I would have also looked for these verses in my Bible to create a journaling page with them and my reflections on my prayer.  As it was though, my children were awake more rapidly than usual, so I had a bunch of active mothering to do after my prayer time.

This is a book that I’m grateful for, and it’s something that I’ve considered purchasing for my friends who are expecting so that they have it to turn to when they want to pray for their families, but they don’t know where to start.  It’s a privilege to get to pray for your family, and now I have the perfect tool to help me do that.

Disclaimer:  I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review (and even though I love it, I was not required to write a positive review).  Although I’ve already reviewed the book, since it plays such a prominent role in this post, Federal guidelines require that I let you know that I didn’t actually purchase it myself.


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