My Favorite Things This Week

This week was a good, steady productive week.  We did take Wednesday away from the house for a picnic at the park with our friends from Bible study.  The children all had a great time, and I didn’t think to take any pictures.  However, I got some pictures as we did our work this week, and here are some of my favorites (I have to admit that this is a Monkey heavy week.  It was like, when I was going through my favorite pictures, all of them were of him this week!! LOL)

Everyone’s done some reading work this week.  Between Reading Kingdom, Reading Eggs and First Start Reading, we’ve all been very busy.  We also read the Bible together as a family at night, and Rose and Firecracker practice reading aloud then.  It’s wonderful for them to do it, and I’ve watched both of them grow a lot as readers over the past few months.

This picture is of Monkey working on his First Start Reading book.  He’s grown faster as a reader than we’ve progressed through the book, so it’s practice, handwriting and spelling for him instead of phonics instruction right now.  He was a little bored the other day, and started drawing pictures and making up stories about the letters as he wrote.  I just had to snap a picture 🙂

Reading Practice

He also lost his second tooth this week.  He already has a new tooth growing into place too. He’s so funny because the older two children were so into their tooth fairy money, but Monkey is as casual as can be, and even forgets to check until someone reminds him!

lost tooth

One more monkey photo this week (and I hate that it’s so blurry!).  He has set up sheets and stuff on our little sectional piece to be his “fort” when he wants “alone time” several times this week.  I guess alone time is hard to come by when you’re in a small house with five other people!!

fort building

Rose is very motivated right now to finish her AWANA book.  She only has about two weeks to finish it, and she’s almost done with all the work.  This week, she sat down one day to write a letter to a missionary–only she’d never written a letter before.  So, that quickly became our “real life English lesson” for the day.  She’s been working on AWANA 30-45 minutes a day to try and get done with that book!

letter writing

I’ve been Bible journaling some more this week (and every week right now).  This is one of my creations from this week, and I love the pears and green caterpillar in this drawing.  It’s too cute!

hungry caterpillar

That’s about it for my favorite things this week.  What are some of your favorites?


One thought on “My Favorite Things This Week

  1. What a fun week! Ours was pretty light bookwork-wise because I had two kids who needed to take standardized tests, I wasn’t home most of the day Wednesday, and we spent quite a bit of time at the library Thursday. Lots of learning still happened, though. Thanks for sharing!

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