My Favorite Things This Week

This week was a huge week in our household.  Our baby, Owlet, turned five years old.  You know that this means that it’s all big kids in our house now. 🙂  She was a very excited little girl with a Sophia cupcake cake, a princess tiara, big balloons, a little bike and so much happiness.  This is a picture from her special day.

Ellie's birthday

Another thing that she did that was one of her forays into “big girl” schoolwork is that she started working on her first lapbook this week.  We’ve decided to learn about knights around here.  I have three books on knights I’m sharing, we’re going to make a little duct tape armor (thanks to Warfare by Duct Tape), do a few appropriate projects from Pinterest, and complete this fantastic lapbook from Homeschool in the Woods.

This week, we discovered some things about the feudal system using some videos, a little reading and a game, and we completed our first lapbook piece.  All the children worked on it, but I just had to take a picture of Monkey and Owlet because it was the first time they’ve really worked on a project like this 🙂

knights lapbook

Speaking of schoolwork, I thought it was so sweet and funny that Firecracker has stepped back into his Pokemon world to do a little more Pokemon research this week.  I really thought he had done all he was going to do. It’s been three or four months since he’s touched his Pokemon notebook, but this week he picked it up again.  He’s talking about designing some more plush Pokemon, so I’ll have to see if that actually develops into anything.


Another thing we did that was one of my favorite things this week was go get ice cream cones.  We don’t do it a whole lot, so it was a special treat for the kids.  I laughed on the inside because my middle two got the same ice cream flavor, and my oldest and youngest both got the same ice cream flavor.  🙂   Monkey also wears his ice cream as he eats, which really made me want to take a picture.

ice cream

We also finished our third Harry Potter book this week.  I just have to mention it because Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban is possibly my favorite of the Harry Potter books in design and storytelling.  We had a movie night in the middle of the week this week to re-watch the movie once we finished the book.  Rose has decided that she likes the book better than the movies because movies just leave out so many of the details.  She’s a detail girl, so she has to have those details.


One more favorite thing for this week.  This week I started reading aloud to all the children from The Book of Virtues.  I’ve often picked out stories from it to read to the older children that suited a lesson or issue we needed to deal with, but this time I decided to pick up the book and start reading it aloud to all four children from cover to cover, a poem or story a day.  Less than a week, and we’ve already found a new family favorite.

“Please,” by Alicia Aspinwall is the story of a rude little boy who has a please living inside his mouth.  The please only gets fresh air and exercise when you say please, so this please was so weak and in need of fresh air and exercise that he escaped the little boy’s mouth and ran over to the more polite brother’s mouth where that brother’s please instructs him on the best way for both pleases to get exercise.  My children, especially Monkey, thought the story was hilarious,.  They’ve all been practicing saying “please,” and telling each other to exercise their “pleases” all week since then.  As a Mom, I’ve really enjoyed the changes that I’ve seen in their polite behavior just from reading that one story 🙂

Well, I guess that’s about it for my favorite things this week.  What have your favorite things been?


One thought on “My Favorite Things This Week

  1. We just started reading The Sorcerer’s Stone this week after spending the last two months on the Percy Jackson series. I love love LOVE both of these series so much!

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