Joy to the World

Today I wanted to share a simple Bible journaling picture that I did this weekend.  I’ve been reading the book Miracle of Israel, and in the book, the authors quote the lyrics of Joy to the World as they discuss prophecy of the end times.  I had never realized until reading this book that Joy to the World was actually based on the 98th Psalm and was meant to be a song about Jesus’s second coming.  I found an article here where you can read more about it.

Joy to the World

I had been inspired by Ashley at Magnolia and Magenta’s I Will Sing post his week, and I couldn’t get the idea of circles and musical notes on a Bible page out of my head, so this is what I created.

I painted Psalm 98 yellow because I found in my Googling that yellow is the color that symbolizes joy.  Then I lettered my piece, drew some musical notes and a staff (with my micron pen) and colored some big circles with a pink pen and orange colored pencils.  The lettering is all colored in with different colors of gel pens.

I’m completely happy with my lettering, and I wish I’d extended the staff all the way back behind the word joy, but I do love the burst of yellow color and the reminder of Christ’s return that I found in Psalm 98 this week.


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