Jester Hats

We’ve found ourselves studying knights recently.  I’ve been reading through the Magic Treehouse Series with my younger two children, and when we read The Knight at Dawn, we decided that we wanted to learn more about knights.

It’s been a while since the older children had learned about knights, so we decided to purchase the knights lap pack from Homeschool in the Woods, and begin working through that.  Since the lap pack includes information and lapbook material about knights, we have decided to supplement with some hands-on activities from Pinterest to get a full unit study experience for all four children.

So, somehow, we were browsing through Pinterest and we saw these jester hats, and we began to discuss how jesters were freemen, and we decided that we just had  to take a few minutes to make our own paper hats.  We made them using a pattern we found at Mardi Gras Outlet, but they could be made easily without a pattern if you just cut the rectangles for bands and the triangles for the hat pieces.

Jester Hats

I tried to get the children to make serious faces, but they opted for silly faces.  After all, why would a jester make a serious face?
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2 thoughts on “Jester Hats

    1. I love that! Monkey’s told me that he wants to make knight’s helmets, so this Momma has been looking online at tutorials for that as well 🙂

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