Plush Boris the Dragons

It’s been a couple of weeks since  I wrote something that wasn’t a book review.  That wasn’t my intention.  I’ve just been feeling blah about my blogging lately.  I’m sure things will change soon if I don’t force them, but I did want to take a little time to get back in the habit of writing my virtual refrigerator posts today, so here it goes.

I’ve been reading through the Three Tales of My Father’s Dragon with the little two children, and as always, Monkey wanted to make plush dragons.  Only Monkey can’t sew, and he lacks the motor skills to do something so detailed.  He is, after all, only six.  So, this is a project that I did for my younger two children.  I used a pattern that I wan’t able to find again when I sat down to write this morning, so if I find it, I’ll come back and link it up.

Owlet decided she wanted a pink, girly dragon.

A Pink Dragon

Monkey, however, wanted to stay true to the blue and yellow striped dragon with red horns and golden wings that was in the book, so this is his final dragon plushie.

Making Boris the Dragon

Firecracker and Rose both started out making their own blue and yellow striped dragons as a handiwork project, but neither of them persevered and made it through.

Monkey already has ideas for my next sewing project.  He says that maybe I can make a plush Elmer from the books or a plush 10th Doctor.  I told him I was about sewn out for a while though 🙂

Do you have an art-related post or tutorial that you want to show off?  Why don’t you come pin it on the Virtual Refrigerator?  Every Thursday, I team with Every Bed of Roses, Homeschool Coffee Break, and This Day Has Great Potential to bring you a place for us to share each our children’s artwork and projects to admire and to inspire each other!

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