Synced {A Litfuse Publicity Group Review}

Synced Living Connected to the Heart of Jesus

I’ve spent some time this year focused on the book of Matthew, and as a part of it I’ve been reading and learning about the Sermon of the Mount.  It is here that we learn the model prayer that Jesus gives to the disciples, and as a result my interest in my prayer life and growing that portion of my life has grown.  So, when I received the opportunity to review Synced: Living Connected to the Heart of Jesus, I knew that I was interested in reading more about the life of prayer and connection that Jesus lived.

In Synced, author Jennifer Dean Kennedy explores how Jesus did nothing apart from the Father and how he synced his life to match his Father’s directives and desires.  As Kennedy explores these ideas, she uses the Lord’s prayer and explores aspects of that prayer as a way of showing just how in-step the Father and Son are.  In application, she also shows us how to be connected to the Father through our living out the phrases of this prayer.

Kennedy concentrates pretty heavily on the first two phrases in the Lord’s prayer and the bulk of her book is built upon exploring such concepts as “Our Father,” “The Heavens,” “The Hallowed Name,” and “Seeking the Kingdom.”  These portions are sometimes a little less practical than I would like, but they’re beneficial for building a foundation in what the Lord’s prayer means and looks like as well as the relationship with the Father.

The two chapters I needed up relating to the best were the chapters on “day by day” and “let it go.”  I felt the sting of conviction when I read about the manna and pondered what God might be feeding me “day by day” to strip me of myself and grow me towards him.  I didn’t actually have to ponder because I already know, but suffice it to say that I have a different attitude towards that area of my life than I did before.

There’s also a story in the “let it go” section that really speaks to me.  Much like the author, I didn’t realize that I had such an attachment to money and the “stuff” in my life until I had a little less stuff and turned into quite the whiny baby.  I’m so glad that, even though it’s often painful, God knows what we need to purify our hearts.

Overall, this was a good book, and one that I found helpful on my faith journey.  I’m glad for what I’ve gleaned from it and for the picture of the relationship between the Father and Son that I, through adoption am privileged to attempt to emulate.

Disclaimer:  I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.


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