Anglo Saxon Dragon Art

We recently finished a unit study on King Alfred, thanks to an Heirloom Audio Production audio drama, and when we were working through the unit study, one of our biggest projects was a painting.

We had seen that Alfred discussed the standard that the Anglo Saxons had on their flags several times throughout the story, and it made me want to make my own version, so I compelled the children to create their own dragon paintings too.

If you’re wanting to create your own Anglo Saxon Dragon the way that we did, here is what you need:

  • matboard (or canvas)
  • pencil
  • acrylic paint
  • sharpies
  • Pattern of the anglo saxon flag.  I used an image that I picked from this excellent blog post in blew up to the size we wanted our dragons to be.  While you’re there, make sure you stop and read the history 🙂

I told the children that for this project, we were going to trace our basic dragon shape to make sure that we had the dragon shape right.  So, the older two and I taped the dragon image to our mat board and we traced over the lines with a pencil, tracing hard enough to make small indentions in our mat board.


Once that was through, we traced over our lines with pencil.  I also freehanded a blackletter style quote onto my mat board because I wanted to preserve one of Arthur’s quotes from the story in my art.

line drawing

Speaking of freehand, Monkey freehanded his own Anglo Saxon Dragon, and I think it turned out quite well.  He drew a raven up above the dragon because he couldn’t understand why we might draw a dragon and not include a raven since the title of our story was “The Dragon and the Raven.”


We continued working on these by painting them, and once they were dry, we came back and used sharpies to outline our paintings.  This one is Owlet’s painting.  It’s a girl dragon 🙂


This one is Monkey’s painting.  In case we were confused, he labeled both his raven and dragon.


This one is Rose’s.  i love all her excellent details.

Painting Saxon Dragons

This one is Firecracker’s painting.  For reasons unknown to me, he added a bunch of little drawings off to the side. 🙂


Here’s mine.  I like the way it turned out, but I should have just used sharpie on the letters instead of attempting to paint them first.


I’m really pleased with how these paintings all turned out.  They made a great addition to our Arthur study!
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