Child Training Boot Camp {A Book Review}

Child Training Boot Camp

This summer, I was at the beach when I noticed that one of my favorite blogs had a new Bible study on parenting beginning.  I felt like I could really use some new tricks and tips to help my children obey, so I signed up for the emails for the new Bible study.  I found it to be so transformative in my life that I wanted to spend a little time with you today sharing how much the Child Training Boot Camp: A Thirty-Day Bible Study changed me.

Pam Forster wrote this Bible study as a true Titus 2 woman, passing on what she learned during her time studying the Bible and parenting to those of us who are in the thick of parenting issues.  As such, she uses this 30 day Bible study to address topics such as disobedience, bickering, unkind speech and whining.  Each daily lesson takes as little as 10-15 minutes to complete.  However, I will honestly admit that occasionally I got so wrapped up in my reading and thinking that I might spend as much as 30 minutes on a lesson, making it a great part of my quiet time each day.

Each lesson also includes an activity or lesson that you can do with your children.  I love that about Forster’s Bible studies!  It is so wonderful to have an avenue to share what you’re learning with your children so that you all grow together as a family in God’s word.  The children’s lessons are quick and easy as well, but are designed to often be hands-on and include occasional object lessons.

As to what I learned from this Bible study, I learned two main things.  The first is that many times my children’s misbehaviors started with me.  Either I wasn’t being consistent enough in my discipline, or I was modeling improper behavior.  After all, who am I to complain about my child’s unkind words when I hurled bits of unkindness easily off my tongue far too many times?  How could I be offended at my children’s disobedience when I was often disobedient, complaining and disgruntled toward my heavenly Father in my own behavior?  I found out how often I am a hypocrite, and I want to do better for myself and for my children.

I also discovered that change takes time.  As part of my follow up to this Bible study, I’ve begun really taking my words seriously and trying to speak words of life and not words of death, but some days are so hard.  I fail so often, and because of my own failures, I’ve learned how to more completely extend grace towards my children.  That has brought us closer and made my children behave “better” without me even trying any “new tricks” or “tips” for bending them to my will.  I want my children to know that if they’re following my example, they are following Christ, and I think after doing this Bible study that I’ll be able to know that I’m pointing them more clearly towards Christ than I ever have before.

I’m actually putting my physical copy of this Bible study on my bookshelf to study again this summer or in the fall, so that I’ll have it to restudy and to remember to recommend to other mothers who feel overwhelmed by parenting and could use, instead of just advice, to be pointed to the Bible for their parenting guidance.

Disclaimer:  I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.


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