This Week: Snow, A Birthday and Lots of Fun

I didn’t write a weekly wrap-up last week, so this is two weeks worth of our explorations.  You might have noticed that I haven’t written very much in February.  I’ve been needing a writing break, and so I haven’t written very much since the beginning of December.  The need to write never leaves me, but the time to write sometimes doesn’t happen, and I’m learning not to force it, much to my happiness.

This week was exciting for Bennett because he found his long lost balloon pump.  He’s spent several hours working on blowing up animals, learning how to tie the balloons and make various folds.  he took some pictures of some of the work he’s done, and left them on my camera.

Balloon animals

The kids did some more math.  We’re debating whether to continue with this math or to try and incorporate math into our upcoming unit studies and supplement with math games.  For now though, we’ve been getting plenty of practice in with CTC Math.


We had more snow this week, and that made for a very fun Tuesday morning. In fact, it was hard to settle down and do anything other than watch the snow falling out the window.


We spent some time making Valentines and Valentine boxes for our CBS class.


We celebrated Monkey’s birthday this week.  My minion crazy little boy turned six.  He got Dr. Who legos, a Spiderman “big boy” bike, and had a great time eating his requested menu of Corn dogs, macaroni and cheese and strawberries.

Monkey's birthday

We managed to do some other schoolwork too.  We continued our Golden Goblet study of Egyptian gods and goddesses.

Egyptian Gods

We made monkey bread to go along with our My Father’s Dragon study.  Everyone loved the monkey bread.

Monkey bread

We finished our Old Testament and Ancient Egypt study.  This freed up more time for us to dive into The Dragon and the Raven.  We did some English work with our studies this week.


We also started an art project on Alfred’s dragon symbol, and talking about how Alfred compares our faith to the fire that powers a dragon.  I hope to have finished projects to show off next week.

Dragon paintings

We’ve been watching through Dr. Who as a family (the more modern episodes, not the classic Dr. Who).  The girls have been going around pretending to be Weeping Angels while Monkey pretends to be the Doctor, and I think that’s pretty funny.

I’ve started a trial subscription to Reading Eggs, and the younger two are really liking it.  I may buy them a subscription this month, but I haven’t decided for sure.

The boys got haircuts.  We watched the Superbowl, pulling for the Broncos! Yay!  Firecracker got his second stripe on his yellow belt.  It really has been a blessed and wonderful couple of weeks.


Hubby brought me the loveliest white (mixed with just a tinge of peach) roses for Valentine’s Day.  I think it’s the first time he’s ever bought me white roses.

I got a new pair of glasses.  It was my Christmas present from my parents, and it was a rather nice present 🙂

I’ve been doing a little more Bible journaling (and a little coloring too) in my spare time.  It’s a fun new hobby for now.


I’ve also started planning our journey through the first Harry Potter book.  You might recall that I said we would do Harry Potter school after The Dragon and the Raven, so I’ve been re-reading through Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone and taking notes of ideas that I want to expand upon and things that I want to do with the text.

We’ve only read one book (other than our Bibles) over the past couple of weeks, and that book is Who Was Queen Elizabeth?.  That’s been a topic of interest for Rose for a couple of years, so it was nice to be able to read a little about her.

So, that’s our past two weeks in a nutshell.  How has your week been?


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