Virtual Refrigerator: Balloons TD5

For several days, every time I turned around Firecracker was drawing Monkeys from his game Balloons TD5.  It turned out that he was making upgrade charts for each kind of monkey.

Balloons TD5 Drawings

I thought it was clever.  I wanted to remember the time that Firecracker was so into this little iPad app that he spent time drawing each Monkey’s upgrades.  I also wanted to remember how detailed the drawings were.


It took days and days for him to eek out the time he wanted to take to draw them.


I was surprised by the five or six that he drew over the course of the week.


I can’t resist sharing them all in their simple pen and paper glory.


It got me to thinking.  What have your children decided to do recently that surprised you (in a good way)?  Is it a science experiment? A painting?
Do you have an art-related post or tutorial that you want to show off?  Why don’t you come pin it on the Virtual Refrigerator?  Every Thursday, I team with Every Bed of Roses, Homeschool Coffee Break, and This Day Has Great Potential to bring you a place for us to share each our children’s artwork and projects to admire and to inspire each other!

Just click on the frog button below to see the link-up and to link up your child’s art or your art and crafts themed tutorial.

Virtual Refrigerator Button


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