Homeschool Resources and Spending Report (January 2016)

This month is a great month for a fresh start.  After all the Christmas and New Year’s vacation time, we’re ready to get back to work and get started on some new projects.  Hubby was off the whole week after Christmas, so we didn’t do much of anything the whole last half of December.

January Spending

I had received some iffy news on some blood work numbers right before Christmas, so one of my first purchases for the new year was Leslie Sansone: Walk Away The Pounds: 30 Minute Walk.  I plan on forcing my children to do it with me because I think the daily cardio will be good for everyone.  I paid $2.99.

Rose takes guitar lessons, and this month she is learning “Blue Suede Shoes.”  This has awakened a lot of curiosity about Elvis, so I bought her a couple of resources.  They are:

  • Blue Suede Shoes (Remastered) for her Kindle so she can become more familiar with the song = $1.29
  • Who Was Elvis Presley? also on the Kindle so that she can read it if she likes or so I can read it to her because she’s become very curious about Elvis’s life = $5.99.

I offered to get Firecracker a new song he’s been wanting for his iPad if he won a spelling game we were playing.  He picked Jailhouse Rock (sticking with our Elvis theme) and it was $1.29 on iTunes.

When we finished Who Was Elvis Presley?, one of our recommendations was Who Is Dolly Parton?, and since she’s one of Rose’s heroes right now, I just had to buy the book for us to read together.  It was $4.99 on Kindle.

The moved on from Dolly Parton to reading Who Were the Beatles?  It was $5.99 on Kindle.

Who knew we were going to spend a big part of our month studying 20th century composers?  I certainly didn’t.

After Who Were The Beatles?, the children convinced me to buy Who Was Albert Einstein?.  I bought it for the Kindle, and it was $5.99.

We’re really on a tear with the Who Was series, so also  bought Who is Stan Lee? and Who Was Queen Elizabeth? for the Kindle.  Total on that was $11.98.

This brings my total for January to $34.52.

I told you I’d keep you updated on my semester costs, so Spring Semester spending to date (Dec.-Jan.) is $220.64.

January Resources

I’ve decided to devote a portion of this post (and will in upcoming ones as well) to listing some of the resources we’re using.  I figure that will be helpful to you and to me as well.

Independent Work

Owlet: CTC Math (Kindergarten), First Class Pre-K book, First Start Reading

Monkey:  CTC Math (K &1st), First Start Reading, and AWANA Hanglider Book.  Monkey needs a party.  He finished both CTC Math (Kindergarten) and book A of First Start Reading this month.

Rose: CTC Math (1st), Reading Kingdom (Level 2, books 8 & 9), Spelling You See Level B (Lessons 17-19), Matthew Lessons 16-18.  She also hit a milestone this month as she completed the first half of her Spelling You See level.

Firecracker: CTC Math (1st), Logic of English Essentials (Lessons 4 & 5), Matthew Lessons 16-18, The Fun Spanish Units 6 & 7.

Together Work

My Father’s Dragon, chapters 4-7

The Golden Goblet, chapters 1-2 (plus the work for those chapters from the study guide)

Veritas Press Self-Paced: Old Testament and Ancient Egypt lessons Lessons 135-152

We also read aloud all the books that I purchased except for Who Was Queen Elizabeth? but we’re starting off our February with it.

We also completed the December Scripture writing plan that was circulating so popularly, and we began reading Genesis as part of our read-aloud through the Bible.

There was also Tae Kwon Do, Guitar, and various other extra curricular type activities.


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