This Week: Snow!!

This week was not a productive week.  First of all, it snowed.  I spent another day at the eye doctor’s office. The kids all also came down with a very yucky stomach virus.  All of that added up to a week where not much got done.

The best thing was the snow.  We only got about an inch, but the kids had so much fun and were so excited that we got any at all (some years we don’t get any snow).  It was lovely.


We’re still on a biography reading tear. We read three biographies this week, and the kids are really enjoying this series.  We’ve read five of them this month!


We continued our studies in ancient Egypt this week.  We studied the gods Sobek and Set.


The kids all worked on math, and three of them earned certificates.


Monkey finished the first of his First Start Reading books.  I’m very pleased at his progress.  We also copied verses each night, and Owlet through several cute pictures 🙂


I had some extra time this week that I spent Bible journaling while we were watching Dr. Who.  I’m happy with the way some of my pictures turned out.

Bible Journaling

That’s it for this week!  Here’s hoping that next week is a little less sickly and a little more productive!!


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