This Week: Plugging Along

This week has felt like a week where we didn’t get much done.  After all, we’ve been on snow watch for two days, and Hubby’s been home more than usual.  That definitely takes it’s toll on the schoolish part of the routine.  Yet, when I look at the pictures, I realize that we’ve gotten more accomplished than I realized.

Our biggest thing this week has been Tae Kwon Do.  Monkey and Owlet both tested for their yellow belts, and they passed their tests!  There is much excitement in our house because now all the kids are yellow belts 🙂  Firecracker managed to stay a little ahead of the younger two by getting the first stripe on his belt tonight.


We’ve definitely done history every day this week.  We’ve been studying King David and King Solomon, but we’ve also worked through our Golden Goblet unit study.  We’ve continued to work on our illustrated dictionary, and we’ve started making our own Egyptian gods encyclopedia section for our notebooks.

Even the little kids have learned more than I’ve realized.  One day, Monkey started tying his shirts around his waist and head to be “pharaoh” and was actually listing the names of Egyptian gods.  Even though they’re playing legos more than doing history, they’re still absorbing a lot!

Golden goblet

We also continued to work on our My Father’s Dragon study.  We made these paper plate lions.  I’ll probably write a Virtual Refrigerator post in the next week or two on it, explaining more of our process.

My Father's Dragon

Everyone has done some math.  Rose finished working through time, and Firecracker finished working through patterns.  Monkey has been working through some counting by 10s and number theory.


I took a couple more pictures of Rose’s work this week.  I have her working in her spelling book.  She started the second half of Spelling You See level B this week, and she’s enjoying the less stressful pace of copywork and marking sounds.

She also made a poster of the days of creation for AWANAs.  It was one of her challenges to complete to receive her next patch.

She and Firecracker both have been listening to me read Who is Dolly Parton? aloud.  We’ve also listened to lots of Dolly Parton music on YouTube.  They decided to learn about The Beatles next, so I’m sure I’ll have more to share on that next week. They’ve put enough time on these musical acts for me to be able to term it as a history unit study or a music elective study, so I think I’ll also share more to help you guys put your own study together in the next few weeks.


Owlet’s been enjoying sharing her drawings with me.  On the left, she has a drawing of birthday cake to go along with learning about the letter C in her reading workbook.  I also have a picture of her sharing some Bible journaling pictures that she’s made this week from our scripture copying time.


Speaking of Bible journaling, it’s a hobby that I’ve been experimenting with, and here is some of the work that I’ve done this week.  I don’t feel like I’m very artistic, but I am pleased with some of the different designs I’ve made.

bible journaling

I think that’s about it for this week.  The boys did a bunch of independent work that I didn’t photograph, but I’ll take pictures of some of it next week I’m sure.  We also listened to and worked with the study guide of The Dragon and the Raven this week, but we didn’t produce any art or written work from it, so I’ll talk more in depth about how it’s going when we actually produce some work.


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