This Week: A Little Bit of Everything

This has been a good, strong, and productive week in our homeschool.  I’ve really simplified some things, and that has helped us to have time for both productivity and play.

We’ve been working through our Veritas Press history course, and we’re in the home stretch of it.  Less than four weeks of it left, but we’ve also started the Progeny Press study guide I bought in December for The Golden Goblet.  I estimate that, in the little bits of work we do at a time, that we’ll be using it for a good 8-10 weeks.

This week, it was nice to focus on simile, figurative language and the beginnings of an illustrated dictionary of Egyptian words.  We’re creating an ancient Egypt notebook to hold our Egyptian knowledge from the book as our major book related project as we read.  I’m making one too 🙂  The little kids are even participating a little as they see fit.

Golden Goblet


We’ve also been Elvis crazy this week.  Rose started learning “Blue Suede Shoes on her guitar last week.  This week, we read the book Who Was Elvis Presley?, watched a ton of Elvis videos on YouTube and even watched the movie Love Me Tender.  Rose has decided that we need to watch all of Elvis’s movies while we’re so into Elvis.  I’m up for it.

They’ve also been playing a bunch of Elvis legos and even keep making Duplo “jailhouses” and singing the song “Jailhouse Rock.”  It’s been great pretend play for all four kids.


Our other studies in literature have taken us deep into the book My Father’s Dragon.  We’ve worked on several projects that are related to the book this week, and I’m going to blog more about them later, so I’m just showing off a few pictures now. 🙂  I’m pleased to be able to pull this book off the shelf and to go through it again as a literature study with my two little kids.

My Father's Dragon

As far as individual work goes, Firecracker’s been on a roll with both Logic of English and The Fun Spanish.  He’s been concentrating on different ways to make the long A sound for a couple of weeks, and he’s finally mastered the concept and ready to move on.


He’s also spent a ton of his spare time playing on his iPad, and he’s been drawing update charts for characters in Balloons TD5.  I found it interesting to think that this was something worthy of drawing out.

Balloons TD5

Rose has been happy to finish the first half of Spelling You See Level B.  She was very proud of this accomplishment this week because she rarely sticks with anything long enough to finish it, and simplifying and finishing are my buzzwords for the year.

She’s also been making some very cute simplified drawings in her Matthew workbook this week.  She calls it art “inspired by the peg people in the Game of Life,” but it’s actually her own drawings of peg people.  She doesn’t draw them any faces because she says “peg people don’t have faces.”

She’s also finished a picture in her Creative Cats adult coloring book, and I think it turned out quite lovely.


All three of the older kids worked on CTC math this week.  Firecracker worked on a math gap he’d developed in comparing 1/2 to 1/4.  It was surprisingly tough for him as we’ve mostly avoided fractions.  Rose worked on area and volume this week.

I’m most proud though to be able to tell you that Monkey finished Kindergarten math.  He was so proud that he began first grade math the very next day and has been in a world of counting by tens the whole rest of the week.


In other evidence that he’s not a preschooler anymore, Monkey lost his first tooth this week.  That was an exciting day for him.  He did, of course, sweetly need some extra sleep on Thursday after our busy day of Community Bible Study and AWANAs on Wednesday.  Two weeks back from Christmas and we still haven’t gotten used to the toll that Wednesdays take on us.


Owlet’s done a little schoolwork, but she’s mostly played with her ponies.  She’s been mostly doing the group schoolwork time, but she’s worked a little on colors and once or twice in her reading workbook.

She also drew an interesting picture of a donkey carrying Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus.  Mary’s the one driving and as you can see, she’s taken the manger and made it into a carseat, even with some  hay in it.  Her mind is still totally on Christmas.  She even is still playing pretend games where she’s  Santa Claus or an elf delivering presents.


That about does it for this week.  I think the only thing that I managed not to mention is Rose’s current obsession with Dolly Parton.  My mom DVR’d that “Coat of Many Colors” movie before Christmas, and Rose has watched it multiple times.  She’s moved on to listening to Jolene on her Kindle and having me read Who Is Dolly Parton? to her.  Her musical obsessions these days are totally fascinating to me 🙂


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