Virtual Refrigerator: How to Draw Pokemon

This week, as I looked over our assorted art projects and the fun that we’ve had since Christmas,  I decided that I wanted to share one of Firecracker’s new favorite resources with you.

How to Draw Pokemon

This year, as part of my Pokemon-crazed child’s Christmas, his grandmother got him How to Draw Pokemon.  It’s a little scholastic magazine-sized paperback book that shows how to draw 18 of the most popular Pokemon, with ideas on extending that to about 20-25 different Pokemon using the tips in each tutorial.  Each tutorial is 4-5 steps in length and creating a drawing is quick and easy.  If you have a young Pokemon-loving artist, this book/workbook is definitely worth the under $5.00 price tag for the young artist.

One evening, Firecracker and I had some extra time together that we could spend doing an activity that was just the two of us.  I thought I’d share with you some of our creations.

Here we have a Togepi.  Firecracker was really thrilled with how easy it was to draw with this tutorial and the good result he had.  It looks about ready to pop off the page.

Working with How to Draw Pokemon Tutorials

Igglybuff was actually the first drawing we completed, and I don’t think he did badly for a first attempt.  The igglybuff was easy enough to keep drawing him into more tutorials.


This one is my drawing.  I made a Wobbuffet, and I just loved it.  I wish I had taken the time to paint it with watercolors or color it with colored pencils, but my fellow artist prefers just pencil and pen drawings, so I deferred to him today.


And, of course, no Pokemon drawing session would be complete without a drawing of a Pikachu.  This one is Firecracker’s, and I’m really liking the way he drew lightning bolts around him.


There were several harder looking tutorials, such as Meowth, Cyndaquil, and Totodile, as well as even some instruction on drawing Ash.  However, my little Pokemon lover wanted to get back to his DS.  After all, he had a Pokemon game going on there too!!

Do you have an art-related post or tutorial that you want to show off?  Why don’t you come pin it on the Virtual Refrigerator?  Every Thursday, I team with Every Bed of Roses, Homeschool Coffee Break, and This Day Has Great Potential to bring you a place for us to share each our children’s artwork and projects to admire and to inspire each other!

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3 thoughts on “Virtual Refrigerator: How to Draw Pokemon

    1. I laugh because Firecracker is so into Pokemon that I even ordered a couple of his gifts from Japan at Christmas time!!

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