This Week: Back to the Daily Schedule

This week was one of those back to reality kind of weeks.  Hubby went back to work, and we went back to our schedule and checklist work.  So, here’s what we did.  Since the majority of what we worked on was independent work this week, I’ve kind of organized it by child.

Firecracker had a very busy work week.  He worked on the Fun Spanish, and he’s still finding puzzling through the Spanish words and drawing pictures of the sentences each day.

He also had a breakthrough this week.  He finally finished Cursive Logic this week.  Because of that, we went back to Logic of English, and we introduced some new phonograms and we started working on distinguishing when to use a vs. ai, ay, and ea for the long a sound in a word.  I’m sure I’ll have more on that next week, and it may even get it’s own blog post!

He also continues to review some concepts on CTC Math.  I plan to keep this as our math for next year too, so his desire to do all the lessons isn’t bothering me.  It actually helps fill in some of the math gaps that have developed.

I also included a picture of Firecracker’s Matthew workbook this week.  He’s working on Matthew 15.

Firecracker's work

Firecracker and I also spent some time drawing together and I’m going to share more about that in my Virtual Refrigerator post on Thursday.  I didn’t mean to, but I totally skipped writing this week.  I had some dental work done on Tuesday, and I just totally flaked out on some of the things I needed to do for a couple of things after that this week.

Pokemon Drawing

A lot of Rose’s work right now is on the computer, and that makes it harder to capture what she’s doing.  She’s working on CTC Math with First grade.  It should be a review for her, but many of the concepts are not, so we’re just calling it math for her.  This week she worked on area.

She also worked on Reading Kingdom.  She’s on level two of that and mostly enjoying it.  She’s also almost through the first half of her Spelling You See Level B book.  She’s really spelling well with the book, but I’m not seeing as much follow through as I would like in improving her spelling when she’s not actually doing spelling you see.  I think we can call that not wanting to actually sound out words as she spells. <sigh>

I took a picture of her doing history as well.  All four children work on that together, so they’re all in the picture.  We learned about King Tut’s tomb and began learning about the later New Kingdom in Egypt this week.  We have a King Tut mask project that we’re going to be working on next week that I’m kind of excited to attempt to bring to life.

Rose's Work

She also made a pom pom scarf, and I’m going to make our experience into a little tutorial next week because I’ve tried pom poms before (only to have them fall apart), and I want to share a few pointers that I picked up as we worked on these together.

Pom Pom Scarf

Monkey’s been an all star at math this week.  He’s finished kindergarten subtraction, and completed kindergarten level multiplication and fractions this week.  He’s two lessons away from completing Kindergarten math and he’s very excited about that.

He’s been working through his First Start Reading workbook this week, and he’s really starting to read and remember many of these short vowel words.  I am happy with his progress.

He’s also been working on a little kindergarten curriculum workbook and reinforcing learning his color words with it.

Monkey's Work

Owlet’s worked on math a little, mostly on counting backwards and on counting to 30.  She’s tickled with the curriculum workbooks my in-laws gave the kids for Christmas and she’s been diligently working through her color pages this week.

She and Monkey have also been playing with her new Doc McStuffins Legos and his Minion Legos, and she’s really into a Barbie dress-up game on her kindle.

Owlet's work

Everyone’s been working on their extracurricular activities, and Monkey and Owlet both got their third stripes on their belts at Tae Kwon Do.  They’ll be testing for their yellow belts next week.

I didn’t do a weekly wrap up last week because I didn’t have many pictures, but I really love this picture of Monkey in these 2016 glasses and party hat.  Owlet’s wearing a party hat too, but you can’t see it in the picture.  We found leftover supplies from the teens New Year’s Party in my Sunday School class on Sunday, and we totally wore them all day and a little around the house last week 🙂

Little two

It was a great week back.  I often left feeling like we only got the bare minimum done, but when I stacked it all together, it was quite a lot of bare minimum!!


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