Top 10 Posts from 2015

Top 10 Posts of 2015

2015 was a great year for blog traffic and views here at Raventhreads, and even though 2016 is not going to be a year where I intend on focusing on statistics, I wanted to take just a few minutes to share my most visited posts of 2015 so that you can find all of my most popular posts in one place.

  1. Do-It-Yourself Sandpaper Letters–This is a quick post that I wrote of a tool I made for homeschooling preschool with my two little ones back in 2014.  Every day it is my most visited post on my blog.
  2.   Favorite Chapter Books for Reading Aloud During the Early Elementary Years–This is another post from 2014, and in this post I share all the favorite reads that we had from my older two children’s K-2 years.
  3. CTC Math {A TOS Review Crew Review}–We reviewed this math back in June and we’ve been using it as our primary math ever since.  So, it is only fitting that it should be my most popular review of last year.
  4. The Birchbark House Unit Study Resources–One of my favorite book series and my most popular unit study post.  We did this study in 2013, and I posted this round up early in 2014.
  5. Simple Ways to Add Language Arts to Your Day–This is a post from August I wrote as part of a back to school blog hop, and I share some great techniques for doing language arts with your children, even if you don’t feel like doing school.
  6. C is for Christ–This is a post showing what I did for this Cubbies lesson when I was teaching Cubbies in AWANAs in the 2014-2015 AWANAs year.  It’s really popular, especially around the start of the AWANA/School year.
  7. Hibernation Mini Unit Study–My children and I did this unit study in January 2014, and I finally wrote about it the following fall.  It was a fun study and all four children had a great time participating.
  8. Frozen Inspired Olaf Costumes–This post shows off t-shirts and tutus we made for a Frozen movie party where all four children dressed alike.  We had the party in 2014, but Olaf dress up is good all the time 😀
  9. Team Us: Marriage Together–Not all book reviews take off and get lots of views, but this one I wrote in January has really gotten a surprising number of views.
  10. Creating a Tabletop Garden–This is one of the posts in our How to Train Your Dragon Series of study ideas, and it details how to make an indoor root garden.

So those are my most popular posts of 2015.  Six of them are from 2014 and the rest are from 2015.  If you stopped by this year and read any of my posts, thank you!

This year, what can you expect from Raventhreads?

We’ve left the Schoolhouse Review Crew.  The children and I agreed that it was stealing too much of our time to be us.  By the time we had finished working through the material we needed to meet our review requirements, we didn’t have time to actually study the things we wanted to study.  I made occasionally post a review that someone has asked me to do curriculum wise, but you won’t be seeing more than a handful of curriculum reviews this year.

However, I will still be doing the occasional book review on the blog, and hopefully you’ll find those books helpful.  I’m just going to be taking on the books I find personally interesting, so you may or may not be interested in the reviews 😉

I’m co-hosting the Virtual Refrigerator this year, so you’ll see an art related post or tutorial every Thursday.  I’ll be continuing to do my weekly wrap-ups because I do those for me for record keeping.  Those you can expect to see those every week over the weekend or on Monday.

The rest of the week, I’ll write on whatever I want, but I’m hoping to share plenty of school activities and projects that we complete (That’s what I hope to be the focus of my blog this year!) and some frugal Mediterranean recipes as I’ll be focusing more on my personal health this year.

I also will occasionally be posting religion based posts, such as the word study I posted last week.  I created a Names of Jesus in Matthew book as a supplement for the middle and high school children I teach at Bible study, and it is my hope to revamp it to add some activities and post it in installments as a multi-level schooling resource this year.

So, those are my blogging plans for 2016.  Are you a blogger? What are your plans for 2016?



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