This Week: Christmas Week

We finally made it past Rose’s birthday and into Christmas this week.  I spent a big part of my time wrapping presents.

However, we made several batches of Christmas cookies, including using our new Star Wars cookie cutters to make gingerbread Star Wars men.

Christmas Cookies

We spent a bunch of time with both sides of our families, and got what probably qualifies as way too many presents.  I took a bunch of pictures, but here are the highlights.Christmas Highlights

Pretty much the whole rest of the week was spent playing with new presents.  Meanwhile, I cross-stitched a little.  I have to say the new electronics have probably gotten the most play of anything so far.

Post Christmas

We also spent a little time cleaning and straightening, but we didn’t get too serious about it.  That’s a task for this week!!

We also went and saw the newest Star Wars movie yesterday.  It was so good that I’d like to turn around and go see it again!


2 thoughts on “This Week: Christmas Week

  1. The Star Wars cookies are very cute! I didn’t go to the movie – not caring for crowded theaters – but read the book…it’s not bad, and my boys tell me it fills in a few details the movie misses.

    1. We were pretty excited by them 🙂 I do have a lot of questions that the movie brought up that I would like to find answers to!

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