Spending Christmas in Luke Chapter 2

This year, we’ve been very low-key in our Christmas celebrations.  I haven’t done a lot of crafts.  We haven’t done much baking, cookie making or art.  We’ve done a good bit of shopping, most of it online, but some in the stores.

The weather hasn’t helped it feel like Christmas either.  Right now, they’re projecting thunderstorms and possible tornados going into Christmas eve and near record highs for Christmas.  It’s so different from the white Christmas we had six years ago.

However, thanks to Pam at Doorposts, we do have a little Christmas cheer going on right now in the form of a week long study of Luke 2: 1-20.  As we go through, the children are answering questions, making lists, watching an occasional video, acting things out and making drawings.  Today, for my Virtual Refrigerator piece I want to share with you some of the drawings.

They all made lovely sketches of the angel appearing to the shepherds.  (My favorite was the one in the top right hand corner that Rose drew.)

Luke 2 Drawings

When we talked extensively about verses one through five, the children made some more fun drawings.  My favorite ended up being Firecracker’s piece because I just love the sweat pouring off Joseph and the donkey as well as the worried, bouncy look of Mary.

Luke 2 Drawings

Owlet’s sketch was much happier as she drew both Mary and Joseph on top of the fattest, most smiley donkey that I have ever seen.

Owlet's drawing

Rose also created a lovely drawing, and she even included a cactus.  I think it was because we were discussing Isaiah 40 and discussing it the night before.

Rose's drawing

So, there are our sketches/line drawings we’ve made so far from Luke 2.  What kind of special art are you making for Christmas?  Why don’t you come and link it up on the Virtual Refrigerator?  Just click the frog  below to see new links and to add your own!!

Art Linky Hosts


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