This Week

I figured that I should  write a weekly wrap-up before one week turned into two weeks to wrap up.  I’ve just been seriously enjoying not writing as much recently.  I never thought I’d enjoy not writing since all I’ve ever done or wanted to do my whole life is to sit and write.

Anyway, enough about me.  This week Rose turned nine.  We celebrated all week.  She went to the American Girl store with her Nana and Grandad, on a visit with a friend, on a “date” with her Grammie and Papa, and we had birthday cake twice.  We even took her out for lunch and got her ears pierced. She ended up being celebrated by all.

birthday girl

Firecracker received his yellow belt at Tae Kwon Do.  He is very proud to no longer be a white belt.

yellow belt ceremony

Our church had a happy birthday Jesus party.  We were excited to see Santa again.

happy birthday Jesus

We did a little math and phonics, but with Rose’s birthday making an unusual week for us, we didn’t start anything new with history, and we didn’t work on any new read-alouds.


We did start working through a Christmas Bible study that Doorposts is posting on their blog for parents to work through with their children.

Luke 2 Drawings

Here are some more photos from it and from the Christmas scripture writing plan that we’re working through.

Luke 2

I’ve also got a couple of random shots of the girls.  I love all the red and Christmasy clothes that they’re wearing right now 🙂  I also got a picture of us eating at McDonald’s.  We’ve been stopping by there more often than we probably should due to the Pokemon toys in the happy meals.

my girls

That does it for this week.  Hope you guys had a good week, and Merry Christmas!!


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