Curriculum Plans for Spring Semester 2015

Spring 2015 Curriculum Plans

Back in the summer, I posted guides to how I planned to do school for each of my children, but as always, at the end of Fall Semester, I like to take some time to assess how the semester went and reconfigure for the Spring Semester.  So, here’s how things are going and what we plan on doing.

I’m not requiring any work right now for Owlet except for the work on her memory verses from AWANAs.  She’s tagging along with Monkey for much of his work and she always participates in art and other whole family projects and field trips.  We’re reading a lot from the library and she draws pictures in her notebook.  She plays legos and ponies and dresses up and has a bunch of fun.  She also occasionally spends time on her DS or my Kindle playing.  Her closest companion is Monkey most of her days and they play well together with just a little fighting. 🙂

Kindergarten for Spring

Right now Monkey is using First Start Reading for phonics and beginning reading practice.  We had reviewed it back last Spring, and it was too advanced for him, but now it’s a perfect fit.  He actually became interested in reading recently because he wants to be able to create new items and people in Scribblenauts.  He’s happy because he’s better at a video game.  I’m happy because he’s learning to read.

Monkey is using the Kindergarten level of CTC Math.  If I had pushed him, he could be finished by now, but he does math 2-3 times a week, and is happy with math and enjoys learning it.  He calls it the “math video game.”

Monkey also takes Taekwondo twice a week (as does Owlet).  He’s learning verses in his AWANAs book.  He spends a bunch of time playing with Owlet, time with Legos, stuffed animals, and his DS.  We read a lot of picture books from the library and he draws in his notebook.

He mostly participates with the older kids when there’s a project he wants to do or a game he wants to play, so he spends some time playing and other times he participates in history, art, or science with the bigger kids.  I don’t require either him or Owlet to participate, but I do invite them to participate.

I recently started reading him his first chapter book, My Father’s Dragon.  My plan is to read him all three of the books as part of Spring semester and then maybe read Pippi Longstocking, Winnie the Pooh or another classic read-aloud for little ones.  That’s the only change I’m making to his Spring semester.

Third Grade (Individual Work)

My third grader is the one who is most selective about her activities.  Right now, she’s loving CBS and AWANA.  She also is taking both voice and guitar lessons.

She is doing some schoolwork independently right now.  She’s working through level 2 of Reading Kingdom, working through 1st grade concepts in CTC Math, and working through Spelling You See Level B.  She’s almost exactly halfway through the Spelling, and she’s making great progress with everything that she’s doing independently.  She’s going to be continuing with all three of these after the first of the year.  For those of you who are interested, she chose Reading Kingdom, and she’s completing Spelling You See and CTC Math at my insistence.

Fifth Grade (Individual Work)

My fifth grader keeps himself pretty busy.  He’s currently taking Tae Kwon Do and he just received his yellow belt.

He has a Pokemon notebook that he’s been adding pictures and words to for over a year off-and-on.  He also is reading about cat care for a presentation project that he’s doing for 4H in February, so he’s busy with some of his own projects.

I also require a little daily work from him in addition to his own projects.  He’s good natured about it, and he’s the one who has picked out the independent areas he’s working on.  He’s working through CTC Math.  After a while of working on his grade level, he decided to go back to kindergarten and work through every lesson because he likes order like that.  So, he’s completing about 2-3 first grade math lessons per day right now and he’s filling in some gaps that he has from how much we’ve changed math curricula over the years.

He is also completing The Fun Spanish.  He’s on unit 5 of 16 on it, and doing well.

He’s also finishing up his Cursive Logic workbook that he started on the summer.  When he completes that (probably by mid-January since we’re on break), he’s decided to go back to using Logic of English: Essentials.

Together/Whole Family Work

For our together and whole family work, they children have told me what they want to study and I’ve added in some educational enrichment to these ideas to make them a little more well-rounded and to expose the children to different subjects.

We’ve been working through Veritas Press’s Old Testament and Ancient Egypt this year, and when we finish with our Christmas break we’ll have six weeks of history left in it.  (They’ve decided to take a break from their history programs after that.)  As part of our history, we’re going to work through a Progeny Press literature study on The Golden Goblet.

Another thing we need to finish up will be our Psalm 23 lapbook that we started work on and have sporadically worked on over the past month.

We also plan on using The Dragon and The Raven along with the great curriculum/discussion guide that comes with the books.  We might even add a few activities like making Viking helmets in to keep the little kids interested in the story.

Once we’ve finished studying The Dragon and The Raven, we’re going to be using Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone for what will probably be the rest of the semester.  We’ll be exploring some latin words, creating drawings and descriptions of magical beasts, completing some fun Pinterest activities and learning about plants and medicinal herbs as our main science for the semester.  I have some varied resources we’ll be using, and I’ll be sharing more in-depth as we get into the study.

If we finish it before the end of the semester, my preference is to go back to the Homeschool in the Woods Middle Ages study that we haven’t finished and finish working through it (because I like to alternate history-based and science-based units).

Then beyond that, but probably not until summer or fall, our plan is to continue working through Harry Potter school using Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and Apologia’s Young Explorers Astronomy.

An additional thing we do together are read-alouds.  Right now we’re reading through the Circle C Adventures.  I occasionally pull out activities from the free study guides she has on her website just to spice things up.  When we finish with all of Andi Carter’s adventures, my plan is to either read through the Chitty-Chitty Bang Bang series or the Kane Chronicles with the older two children.

As always, of course, as interests change, our plan is subject to change, but I’m  very happy with the looks and shape of this plan both for fun and adventure, but also for educational potential.


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