A Simple Lesson on Leopards

A couple of weeks ago, before we hit full Christmas break mode, we worked a little bit on a read aloud that was quite difficult for the children.  However, through the read aloud, we began to be exposed to some different animals, and sometimes those kinds of things make all the tough read-alouds worthwhile.

I decided that this week I wanted to share my children’s leopard printable craft (from Learn Create Love) paintings with you, but I also want to share some of the You Tube videos we used for learning

So, let’s get started with the videos:

By then, the children were ready to get out the paint and start painting their own versions of the leopard and his spots.


I wasn’t sure what Firecracker was up to when he asked me for the green paint, but before too long, I saw the effects of his Zombie leopard!!!

Zombie Leopard

Rose spent a lot of time working on her leopard’s spots to get them just right and she painted with a very detailed and small brush.  I was impressed by her careful work.

A Simple Lesson On Leopards

Monkey also completed a leopard.  However, his is mixed media as he painted his leopard yellow and then added his black spots with a black sharpie.

Monkey's leopard

So, that’s about it for our simple afternoon of learning about leopards and creating leopard art.  Do you have an art project or a painting or drawing from your children that you’re looking to save onto our Virtual Refrigerator?

If so, you can link it up by pressing the button below!!  We can share our children’s artwork with each other and be inspired for new projects to create with our own children.  This month, there’s a theme of Advent and Christmas art going on, but don’t let that stop you from linking up any art themed posts!

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