This Week

This week we wrapped up a bunch of loose ends before Christmas.  We finished the week we were on in history.  We finished our big kid read aloud.  We continued plugging away at our independent subjects, but none of them are too high pressure, and none of them have a real stopping place.  I’ll be back later this week or next week with my plans for Spring Semester for the children.  I’m working on those plans right now, and I almost have them finished. 🙂


The children also have done some Christmas crafts this week.  I haven’t actually done any with them, but they’ve made ornaments at CBS, and they’ve made ornaments with my Hubby’s mother.  They’ve also made origami Santa Clauses, but that was Firecracker’s craft thing, not mine.

Christmas Crafts

The little ones have played dress up, ran around and had fun and bickered like two children who haven’t got enough of my attention this week while I’ve finished up loose ends with the big kids..  I’m looking forward to an opportunity as we progress through the coming months in a more unit study format of getting them more involved in our studies.

Little ones

The little two did get their first stripe in Tae Kwon Do this week.  They were so excited.  Firecracker tested for yellow belt this week, and he really enjoyed it and did well.  He really loves Tae Kwon Do.


That’s about it for our week of school.  It’s the last official week of school for us for 2015, and we’ve got exactly half of our state mandated days in, so we’re in a good place to get started on a new year in a few weeks 🙂


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