Christmas Ornament Making

This week I wanted to share just a little bit of Christmas art that my children have been making.  After all, the Virtual Refrigerator’s theme this month is Christmas and Nativity themed art 😀

We got our tree up last weekend, and somehow, as soon as the tree is up my younger children always have the impulse to fill it up with new ornaments to replace the ones that might have gotten lost or broken the year before.

So, Owlet was the first to start to create ornaments.  She asked me to go on Pinterest and find some printable ornaments that she could color.  She spent the better part of a day (off and on) working on her ornaments for the tree.


Rose was the next one who gave in to the ornament making bug.  She asked me to find a Nutcracker coloring page.  We sized it down before printing it on cardstock and then, she was ready to color too.  I think he turned out quite lovely.

Ornament Making Fun

Monkey wanted to find a reindeer ornament, but he never found the perfect one, so I thought it was so wonderful when he went to Community Bible Study last week and one of the things they did was to make reindeer ornaments.  If you’ve never made these, they’re way too easy to make.  All you have to do is to glue together three popsicle sticks (painted, colored, or just natural wood) into a triangle and then glue google eyes and a pom pom nose onto your reindeer.  You can tie yarn or ribbon on or glue it.  On this ornament, Monkey’s nose fell off, so we had to reattach it with a little hot glue.

Popsicle Stick Reindeer

So, what kind of Christmas art are your kids making?
Art Linky Hosts

Come link up with the Virtual Refrigerator and show off your children’s art!!  This month’s theme is Christmas/Advent art, but don’t feel like you have to follow the theme.  Any artwork, artist studies or crafty tutorials for your children is great to share here.


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