This Week

This week was a hard week for me.  It’s hard to get back on track after spending two weeks of mostly sitting on the couch and watching television/cross-stitching.  It’s doubly hard to get back on track in these things when it’s December.

Good news is that we did  get a Christmas tree and get it decorated last weekend.  It’s the only black Friday shopping we did, and it was actually my father-in-law who bought it 🙂

Christmas Tree

Of course, that immediately led my younger three children to want to make some ornaments on the tree.  It’s an exciting time of year 🙂


We read a lot this week.  We read the final entry in the How to Train Your Dragon series, and we read the book Tirzah to go along with our history studies.


Firecracker was back working on his Pokemon notebook this week.  He never lays aside this notebook for more than a couple of weeks at a time, and I’m always amazed that he continues to find Pokemon that he’s interested in making notebook pages for.pokemon

Firecracker also worked on math, The Fun Spanish, his CBS workbook and his Cursive Logic workbooks this week, making him my most academically minded child right now.

The photo on the left is blurry, but we made up peanut butter sandwiches and had a family challenge to see who could make up the best peanut butter sandwich in our house.  Firecracker was making up sandwich recipes to turn in for a competition for 4H, so we were really just wanting to be a part of his fun 🙂


Monkey also did some academic work.  He worked more on addition to 20 on CTC Math.  It tickles me to see how easy math is for him.

He also went back to his First Start Reading Lessons.  He hasn’t done them in a while because they were too hard for him.  However, lately, he’s really fallen in love with the game Scribblenauts.  He suddenly wants to learn to spell words so that he can type them into his game and create things.  He’s starting to memorize the ways some words are spelled, and it turns out that phonics isn’t as hard for him anymore.


I didn’t capture any pictures of the girls doing independent schoolwork, so it must not have happened! LOL  Actually, Rose practiced her guitar, worked on her CBS book and worked on Reading Kingdom, so she did some things we could call independent work.

Owlet, I’m pretty sure didn’t work on much outside of her course times on MarioKart.  She also had a serious My Little Pony pretend game going on for days at a time.


We had a busy Friday with 4H and art lessons for the bigger two.  As you can see, their art lesson was based on snowmen and snow.  They said they had fun at both places, and even better, we went to McDonalds and there were Pokemon toys in the Happy Meals.


That about does it for this week.  We eased back into a regular schedule 🙂


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