Paddle Dolls

We’ve been studying the New Kingdom in Egypt, along with Moses and the Exodus for about a month.  We’ve done very few hands-on projects this year, but as we’ve studied the New Kingdom, we’ve found ourselves doing one or two.

So far, our favorite of the projects we’ve tried has been to make paddle dolls.  These 1/4″ plywood dolls that we made mimic the toys that little Egyptian girls and boys played with.  These were pretty simple to make, and my Hubby did the hardest part of the work.

We went to Home Depot and bought a couple of 1/4″ boards and I put a doll design on each one with sharpie to give Hubby guidelines to cut and sand with.  (I got my template from the Veritas Press OT & Ancient Egypt class we’re taking.)  Once the dolls were cut and sanded, he also drilled holes into the head for us to tie yarn for hair.

Then, we were able to set ourselves to painting. It was simple and fun to take the dolls and paint them.  Monkey and Owlet requested do-overs, so theirs took longer to paint, as they painted over their mistakes.

Working Hard on her doll

We painted with acrylic paint, and it didn’t take long for our paintings to dry.  Once dry, we added hair to our dolls by tying yarn into the head holes, making a finished doll fairly easy for the children to make.

Paddle DollsThis post is part of the Virtual Refrigerator Link-up, which I’ll be helping to host each week.  This month the theme is Christmas/Advent art, and next week I”ll be sharing some of the Christmas ornaments that my children are making 🙂

Feel free to link up any art projects that you want to share.  It can be a how-to post or just a celebration of your child’s art.  And, of course, you can share any art your child is making.  It doesn’t have to align with the theme.  Just click the button below to share your art with us, and don’t forget to visit and admire the other art linked-up!!

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