This Week

This week, we watched lots of Netflix, football and Harry Potter.  We ate a ton of turkey, dressing, sides and desserts.  We did absolutely nothing that could be deemed productive as we took a complete mental and “school” break.  Well, Rose had a guitar lesson on Monday, but that was probably the only productive thing we did.

I started reorganizing my pantry, but I haven’t finished yet.  I folded some clothes, cleaned in my kitchen, and I had a deep freezer go out.  It’s the second time that said deep freezer has gone out in the last six months.  <sigh>

My grandfather turned 80 this week, and we had breakfast with him for his birthday.  As it happened, the masonic lodge that he belongs to was having pictures with Santa on the same day, and we couldn’t resist the idea of going to visit Santa.

Santa pictures

We had our traditional Charlie Brown Thanksgiving lunch on Wednesday.  It might be Firecracker’s favorite lunch of the year!!

As you can see, I managed to have turkey shirts for both Owlet and Monkey to wear for Thanksgiving as we visited grandparents’ houses to eat way too much.


While we watched television, I sat and cross-stitched some.  I completed a Fizzy Moon card that came with my World of Cross-Stitching magazine, and I started working on a Joan Elliot “Tree of Life” piece that I found in an old Cross Stitch Gold magazine from 2010.  I’m tickled about the bold colors and clean design on this one.


Next week we go back to our regular activities and back to work on our regular “schoolwork” type stuff, but it has been nice to just relax and be on break.


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