Klimt, Patterns and Turkeys

My eight year old has been studying the artist Gustav Klimt.  Not his more risqué art. (So, preview any links I might give you.)  She started studying him and thinking about him at an art workshop that our local art museum does every month for homeschoolers.

I kind of like the monthly workshop.  I pay $10 per child, drop Firecracker and Rose off, and 90 minutes later come back to find that they’ve learned some really cool stuff that I haven’t ever taught them.

At any rate, the reason why they studied Klimt was for his use of patterns.  He used a lot of intricate patterns, often geometric or numerical in the midst of his artwork, and it has a beautiful look that reminds me of the current Zentangling movement, but bigger patterns and more colorful.  You should do an image search for his work and to see his amazing use of gold leaf.

In their class, the children made Klimt inspired cats.  They used gold paper on black paper and some bold whites, golds, blacks and reds to create patterns on their piece.  This one is Rose’s, and she was very pleased to combine her love of art with her love of cats.

Klimt & Patterns

What I didn’t expect was that Rose would continue thinking about Klimt.  I gave her a new sketchbook because she’d filled all the ones that she’d been using completely up.  She seems to be on a mission to fill this one up too with mostly ink drawings and the occasional drawing filled in with colored pencils.

One night last week, I looked over and she was drawing a turkey. It, of course, made perfect sense.  After all, this week is Thanksgiving.  When I looked, I saw that the turkey had geometric patterns all over it.  She told me it was because she was making her turkey like Klimt.  I liked it even better when I realized that what she was saying was true!

Klimt Style Turkey

So, do your children have a particular artist that they enjoy emulating?  Who is it?  Have you ever had an artist study that went deeper than you imagined that it would?


One thought on “Klimt, Patterns and Turkeys

  1. My daughter’s recent favorite is Piet Mondrian. She used to really like Georgia O’Keeffe too. A couple of months ago we did a Gustav Klimt artist study for the Virtual Fridge and she loved his style as well!

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