This Week

This week was one of those weeks that felt like it was almost completely lost because I was sick all week. I had a nasty cold and kept spiking a fever.  The kids had it too, of course, so we were a coughing, snotty, feverish mess.  We’re still coughing and snotty, but praise God that the fevers are gone!

The only school subject we got to more than once this week was history.  We’re currently studying the Exodus and the Ten Commandments.  Can you say Charleston Heston movie night looming in our future?


Firecracker actually seemed to feel better than the rest of us.  I’ve snapped a picture of him working in his Matthew workbook (all dressed to leave for Taekwondo as soon as he finishes his workbook).  I also took a picture of his newest stuffed creation, a peanut butter jelly time dancing banana.  He also spent some time this week working on his Pokemon notebook, a Pokemon game on his DS and Super Mario 3D world on the Wii U.


Rose was hard hit by the virus because it ruined her opportunities to practice her song she’s been learning in voice lessons.  Of course, that didn’t stop her from working on the worksheets her voice instructor sent her or practicing on her guitar.

I bought her a new sketchbook a couple of weeks ago, and she’s made it her mission to completely fill the sketchbook up.


We also had several My Little Pony marathons, watched and played plenty of video games and all that kind of stuff.  Since I was the one who felt so bad, I didn’t really do anything “schoolish” that included the little kids.  They didn’t seem to suffer though between their video games, television and toys.  They were very busy playing.


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