Minion Model Magic

I have a child who is really obsessed with the Minions movie and all things Minion related right now.  He’s also five, really silly and thinks he’s terribly funny as well.  So, the thrill of his Halloween a couple of weeks ago was when his grandmother presented him with a simple model magic kit that had small packets of differing colored clay.  The kit was Minion themed, had a picture of a Minion on the front and contained yellow, blue, white and black model magic clay.

Monkey was so anxious.  He couldn’t wait until he got home from trick-or-treating.  The first thing he wanted to do was to rip open the kit and make his own Minions.  He cried because I didn’t let him make his Minions on Halloween night.  (It was so late after we finished trick-or-treating and eating dinner.)

The next day, as soon as we go home from church, he ripped into his kit and began to construct his Minions.  He was so proud of his creations.  He made two and they dried for days.  One even fell apart and I had to comfort him and use white glue to re-glue the pieces together.  Here is his finished product.

Minion Model Magic

I decided that this little slice of life was totally blog post worthy because I forever want to remember his excitement over the clay and his love for Minions.  I forever want to remember his little face concentrating over his creations.  I forever want to remember his pride in his finished product.  These minions don’t look much like the finished product on the cover of the kit, but to me (and to him), they are perfect.


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