This Week

Just as last week was super productive, this week was not really productive at all.  I spent some time with the dentist, we had a broken down dryer, and were constantly on the run to Tae Kwon Do and to Rose’s music lessons.

The big kids did a little of their regular work on CTC Math and Rose did Reading Kingdom three days.  We also worked in our Matthew books and completed our history assignments most days.

In the white board picture, Firecracker is “helping” Hubby in Junior church by illustrating his talk as he was talking.  We did finish reading a book this week too.  It’s called “Whatever After: Beauty Queen,” and it’s the seventh book in the series.  I’ve already preordered the next book in the series and it’s coming out the week of Christmas 🙂

Beyond that, the main thing that the big kids worked on was their Psalm 23 lapbook, and I didn’t take any pictures of that.  I may not until we’re finished with it.  We’ll see.

Bigger kids

The little kids decided that, instead of their letter of the week preschool, this week they wanted to work in their Ivy Kids Blueberries for Sal box.  So, we worked on the math concepts of 1/2 and on small, medium and large.  We also made blueberry preserves together.  It gives me so much pleasure to see how excited they get to help in the kitchen.

Blueberries for Sal

My dryer broke, so we took the kids’ first trip ever to the laundromat.  My three younger children were all fascinated.  Firecracker just sat at one of the tables and drew in his sketch book.

The little kids have practiced their self-defense moves and stuff all around the house.  However, despite extra time with Master Kwon working with them in small groups on their  self-defense moves, neither of them are doing it well enough to receive the stripe on their belts that they are both hoping for.

Little ones

Despite not taking a lot of pictures, it was really good week.  I have a bunch of happy kids and they’re really into a couple of read-alouds we’ve been reading.  I’ll probably share a little more about them next week.

They have decided a direction for us once we finish our study on Psalm 23.  I had tried to convince them that, since I had introduced them to ginger, that we should go into a study where the little kids to The Gingerbread Man and the bigger kids do a different book.  However, they’ve decided that they’re most interested in the Amanda Bennett unit study on Chocolate for our next study.  That seems to be a perfect study for December to me 🙂


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