This Week

This week is a week that really looked productive.  We have lots of projects that are going on through the week, and they were lots of fun, so it was a really good week.

Halloween was last week, so I have a couple of Halloween pictures.  Yep, that’s my Hubby in the horse head 🙂  The kids racked up on candy.  I think Rose counted over 200 pieces in her bag alone.


Firecracker worked some out of his Fun Spanish workbook.  The sentences are just so silly.  Just look!  Even the house has wings!!

Fun Spanish

He also worked on reviewing more concepts on CTC Math.  He wasn’t the only child who used the program, but I think he was the only one who earned certificates.  Because he’s using it for review, he’s doing several segments a day, so he’s earning certificates quickly, even when he only uses it a couple of times a week.

CTC Math

The big kids went to their monthly art class this week.  Their artist was Klimt, and I thought the cats they made ended up being really cute.


We continued studying ancient Egypt and put the approximate date the Hyksos were kicked out Egypt on our permanent timeline.

Egypt defeated Hyksos

We also painted paddle dolls.  These were a toy that children in that time period often played with.  I’ll follow up with another post on this project as we have time.

Paddle Dolls

We started learning a little about ginger this week.  We read about it and colored a coloring sheet.  We tried ginger ale and cut up some ginger to dry so that we can make our own powder.


In the book (Shadowhawk) that we’re currently reading about ancient Egypt, the main character finds a leopard cub, so we spent a little time learning about leopards and painted our own leopards.  Some children might have painted zombie leopards though.


The little kids really worked hard on the letter H.  They outlined them with cheerios.

Cheerio H

They did house collages with the letter H.

H houses

They did some writing practice and we learned the verse “Honor your father and your mother.”  I’m not sure they actually learned to do it, but they can say the verse now!!


I also managed to do a little cross-stitching this week.  Monkey got some colored model magic clay, and he made two minions out of it.  He was all excited about that.


That’s pretty much what we did this week.  😀  Hope everyone else had a great week!!


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