Old Testament Overview Part 1 {A TOS Review Crew Review}

Old Testament Overview

We’ve been studying the Old Testament and ancient Egypt for history this year, so when the opportunity came along to do a review for Grapevine Studies, I was excited that one of the options that we got to choose from was part one of the Old Testament Overview.  We received Old Testament: Level 1 Creation to Jacob (traceable) for my four and five year olds and Old Testament: Level 2 Creation to Jacob for my eight and ten year olds.  We received the ebook versions of both books for my children along with a teacher book for me, all of which I had copied and bound into workbooks for the children.

About the Course

Old Testament: Creation to Jacob is a 12 week (or 45 day) survey of the Old Testament events in chronological order from creation through Jacob’s life before Joseph’s story begins.

Each day, as a teacher you sit with your children and read and discuss the day’s Bible passage, as well as draw some pages with stick figures in them.  You can do a whole lesson at a time once a week or use the instructions in the teacher’s manual to complete daily chunks of the lesson over the course of a week.

Each weekly lesson includes a memory verse, a portion of the timeline to review and memorize, places for drawing (or tracing) the key point of the Bible passage, comprehension questions, a place to draw your favorite portion of that week’s lesson, a place to make an index card with the information that you should remember from that week’s lesson, and some comprehension questions.  The level two book has some additional memory work for students on the books of the Bible, and as part of the teacher’s book, some words to look up and define in a Bible dictionary.

The main visual difference between the level 1 (traceable) and level 2 books is that the level 2 book has four portions of scripture to draw on each page and the level 1 book has two portions of scripture to draw on each page, giving younger students the ability to draw bigger pictures due to their fine motor skills.  That makes the level 1 book look twice as big as the level 2 book, but the same amount of work is included.  The two levels are similar enough that the teacher book is a combined book covering the material needed to know in both levels.

It's fun to trace the Bible

My Opinion on This Book

This is not my first time using Grapevine Studies.  I’ve previously bought and used the Esther study with my older two children, and so I was excited to get the opportunity to use their studies again.  They also have a newsletter that is awesome and occasionally offers free lessons to download, and I’ve completed two or three of those with my children.  So, I knew I already loved this company before I started this review.

This is my first experience with the traceable lessons, and I loved them.  My five year old could probably have just done the study with the beginner level pages, but my four year old was able to be a part of this study in a way that she hasn’t been a part of a Bible study we’ve done before because of the traceable pages.  I will continue to buy the traceable pages when I complete a Grapevine study with the children for as long as Ellie needs them because of how engaged she was in our study and learning because of the pages.

There’s not a huge difference between the level 1 and level 2 learning, just a few subtle differences, making it easy to combine my children and make this a whole family study.  I loved that because there was just enough extra for the big kids to make them feel like they weren’t just doing busy work while the younger kids began to learn their Bible stories through the stick figuring.

Stick Figuring Creation

These are the fun way to learn the Bible, especially if you have children who enjoy drawing.  I think they’re great.  I love that in this survey, the author actually places Job into the chronology where he should go because that’s been something I’ve always wondered about chronologically but have never actually taken the time to find out.  I’m glad that my children now know where on the Old Testament timeline that he lived.  I’m glad that my children drew the eyes looking forward on the timeline pages because the Old Testament is always pointing to Jesus.  I also love that they make their own set of Old Testament index/flashcards.

My suggestion to anyone on the fence about this Bible study is to download the sample from the student book and teacher’s book that they have on their site and give it a try.  I think you’ll be convinced that this is a fun way to go through the Bible.  I actually have the study on Biblical Feasts marked on my “to buy” list because it looks like so much fun!  The idea of continuing the Old Testament when we finish this study though also seems like a lot of fun to me too.  It’s so hard to choose which study to get because there are a lot of fun choices on their website.

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