This Week

The pictures I’ve taken don’t really capture the essence of this week.  We’ve had a cold dragging through the house this week, so our week has seemed necessarily small and relaxed.  In fact, as I sit and write this and reflect on our week, I’m still just a little clogged up.

That’s not to say that it wasn’t a good and productive week.  We worked through history and Bible, and we did lots of other stuff.  It was my birthday on Tuesday, so we took the day (a day we all felt really crummy with our colds) and watched movies and relaxed, but the other days were hard working.

Everyone except Owlet did math and earned at least one certificate.  So, math continues to go forward.

math certificates

Firecracker earned his first stripe on his belt in Tae Kwon Do.  He was pleased and honored to learn his self defense one in order to earn it.

He also worked through his Fun Spanish and Cursive Logic this week, and his worked a little on his Pokemon notebook.  He read a rather silly survival book called How to Survive a Sharknado and Other Unnatural Disasters: Fight Back When Monsters and Mother Nature Attack.  He loved the made up monsters and disasters that they came up with for the book.  Between the Pokemon characters and the Sharknado book, he’s really enjoyed categorizing the different characters.  The homeschool mom in me would love for him to turn it into something “real world” like classifying animals or something like that, and he loves to do that too, but I guess list making and writing descriptions and stuff is just one of the things he loves to do.


Rose and I spent some time working on adding coins.  One of the best things about using a systematic math program is that when I find the things that the kids aren’t good at we can pause and I can help them shore up their skills.  We played a math game this week that I’ll share on the blog next week (once I get past the crush of reviews that I have going on right now).  I’m looking forward to reclaiming my blog for the small stories of our life and sharing things that I hope are helpful.  I haven’t done enough of that lately.

This week was also crazy hair night for AWANAs.  Rose and I pulled up her hair in four ponytails, at her request, and I chalked sections of it to make some colored highlights for her.  It was my first time trying to chalk hair, so it was an interesting experience.  I look forward to trying it again before too long.

Rose also continued working in her Reading Kingdom program and in Spelling You See.  Even though her progress has felt slow, I can not say enough how much progress she’s made in both spelling and reading over the past three or four months.  She’s really putting in the effort and learning to read and spell.

Rose also started voice lessons this week, so she learned a little bit of music theory and she started learning the song “Thank You Lord for Your Blessings On Me”.  That’s been very fun and exciting for her. 🙂

I also totally traumatized her this week by reading her the story of The Little Match Girl.  She found herself pondering the story and crying several times after I read it, so we spent quite some time discussing compassion and how not everyone is so blessed as to have their basic needs (and more) taken care of.


The little kids have been grumpy every time I’ve pulled them away from their playing together to “do school” this week.  It must be amazing to have a playmate so close in age to you around all the time.  They really thrive together.  They’ve done Tae Kwon Do this week too, but no stripes yet 🙂  Owlet keeps telling me that she “really wants to earn that black belt.”

They worked on remembering the shape of a triangle this week and they put together some puzzles online.  We also used the story of The Fisherman and His Wife for character development as we talked about being content with the things we have and not continuing to wish for more and more.  That’s probably a lesson that all of us can use.

We started learning about the letter H, using Starfall and some You Tube videos and coloring sheets.  Some weeks they already know the letter before we start working with it, but this week we’re on a letter that they don’t really know, so we’ve talked a lot about the sounds already.

Monkey worked on quite a bit of math this week.  He learned counting by 2s, and he’s been practicing that quite a bit in the car as we travel from place to place.  He’s also learned about addition.  He had a mental concept in his head of addition, but this week, he learned about the plus sign and equal sign, and he’s spent some of his spare time drawing his own addition problems.  He’s usually right in his answer, although he tends to draw some of his numbers backward.

Little kids

That’s it for our week.  I’m looking through our photos and can’t believe that I don’t have a single photo of Owlet for this week.  Oh well, I didn’t take a ton of photos, so I guess that’s why.

I’m hoping this coming week to lift off a new unit study on ginger and to work through some fun projects to go along with our ancient Egyptian study.  And since I’m actually writing this post on Halloween and scheduling it for the middle of the week, I’ll also have some Halloween photos to share by next week as well.


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