Homeschool Resources and Spending Report (October 2015)

I used to do a homeschool spending report each month where I would write about the resources that we’d use and the amount I spent on them.  That way I could see how much I had spent and I could be accountable for the resources we’d used and how much I’d purchased in the month.  Now that I’m in a state of transitioning back to homeschooling frugally instead of doing reviews, I’m going to revive my spending report for each month.

As you guys know, October is not the most frugal homeschool month around. We tend to spend much more money than we should on all the fun fall field trips available!!

So, with that in mind, let’s get started:

I took the children with a field trip group to Carlton Farms for a hayride/petting zoo/corn maze combo that was $7 per child and $5 for me.  Total cost:  $33

The children and I also went to Hillcrest Apple Orchard with a field trip group to take the tour, wide the wagon ride and do all sorts of other fun stuff.  Although the cost was $5 a person, my parents blessed the children and I by paying for the cost.  (I spent some money on apple related merchandise, but I’m not counting it toward our school costs 😉 )  Total cost = $0

We went on a leaf identification field trip through the county extension office/4H that was free! Yay for free and interesting field trips!!

I bought several books for the children from Amazon, most of which I bought used:

I enjoy looking at the specials on lapbooks from A Journey Through Learning and In the Hands of a Child.  I bought a Johnny Appleseed lapbook from A Journey Through Learning for $4.00. = $4.00

I also paid $17.00 for a Kitchen Skills Bundle that Homeschool Freebie of the Day was selling.  They actually sold the bundle for $7.77, but I paid the uncharge to $17.00 for the physical CD-rom that I could keep on my bookcase forever.  I have so many digital resources that I am at a place where, when I can, I order the physical resources. = $17.00

I also bought The Egypt Book from Warfare by Duct Tape. = $9.95

We are working through the Early New Kingdom in Egypt and the life of Moses for history, so one of our more hands-on projects is to make paddle dolls.  We had to buy wood for the dolls and that was = $14.34.

I bought Maestro Classics Casey at the Bat during a special sale they had for the world series = $6.98

I bought a couple of cursive workbooks for the kids that were on sale for when they finish some of the English stuff that they’re currently working on. = $7.02

Rose is taking voice lessons, and I bought her some treble and bass clef coloring sheets I liked on Teacher Pay Teachers. =$1.00

I also bought some ginger for us to start a kitchen/science unit study on ginger from the kitchen skills bundle that I bought this month.  = $1.54

Total Spent for October = $124.48

I try to keep homeschool expenses averaging $100 or less per month, so while I’m not under budget, I don’t feel bad about expenditures this month.  I’d actually planned to spend another $35 on a field trip that got cancelled because of rain, so now that I’m looking at the numbers, I’m kind of glad about the rain 😀


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